Thursday, July 07, 2005

Day of Contrasting Emotions

The morning was a bit more windy than pooch and I really enjoy but hearing of the London bombings before we started out made dawdling seem mandatory.

Back to reality. It was only a matter of time until "whom-so-ever" repaid Tony Blair for being Bush' s "Poodle". Actually a Poodle is a much more independent breed than a Blair. The Brit's take this type of horror in stride much more than we do. They've lived through years of IRA attacks. My husband was in London town on business more than once when they occurred. Being married to an International businessman is not for the faint of heart - was't then, isn't now.

Brings me to a phone call from a distraught friend who's son is in London on holiday with a bunch of buds for a graduation gift. Welcome to the real world. No one is immune though many local folks have lived entire lives observing but not absorbing reality.

Back to the Groene case - it's no longer "out there". It's everywhere. Come on folks. It's time to move beyond victimism and self absorption and apathy. Pay attention, get involved, care! There must be better in this vast, wonderful country than seem to be willing to run for office and ultimately get elected. It starts at the local level. Think long and hard about that.

On a far more personal level and of perhaps simpler times. During dinner last night we observed a mother Killdeer with a newborn. They're late this year but I've been watching a nest for a month that had four eggs. I was elated. After dinner I walked back to the island of grass I had left around the nest to see if indeed it was the one hatched and so it seemed.

This morning I went back for a closer look and found three of the four hatchlings nestled together dead. I was devastated. My hub assured me its the law of nature and I know that - but it was one more instance where I was profoundly saddened.

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