Saturday, July 30, 2005

If Only...

Presidential aspirations aside, I commend Bill Frist for breaking with the President on stem cell research. Granted the potential Republican field is weighted to the extreme right and he may figure being more center leaves him more wiggle room but I'd like to believe his stand on the science is less politic.

A few thoughts. If the embryos are going to be destroyed because the donor has had the implant and the child and the extras are to be pitched isn't it the height of generosity to want those embryos put to good use? It is infinitesimal life, perhaps. Who
is going to nurture it into a child? Who is going to raise it, feed it, educate it? Look at our adoption centers - overloaded with unwanted children already born. Heck - we don't even adopt our own. How many times do you hear about personalities/celebrities going off to places exotic to adopt a child?

The moralist, self righteous politicians make the issue too black and white. Let's leave politics out of it - Arlen Specter; and celebrities like Michael Fox or journalist Michael Kinsley. Take a man like Stephen Hawking who's body has been ravaged by ALS. It's a miracle unto itself that he's even still alive. But what a mind. If cells from my body could go toward resurrecting his I would be the proudest of donors.

Then too, were it family or friend or total stranger in need I'd be no less proud. Is there anything to the saying "Waste not want not"?

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