Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Testing the Waters

Submitted to the MIT blog survey yesterday. The questions made me realize how much I do not rely on the web for a social life. What a relief.

Was reflecting on how different we outsiders really are from long time locals. Considering the economy isn't exactly robust I find it interesting how casual business folk are about answering calls, showing up for scheduled jobs, etc. I was used to that when we lived in California. If we weren't satisfied and not likely to be a repeat customer, there was another just around the corner. Seems much the same here. But why? We're not growing that fast.

By the way - not that anyone cares - I didn't move here from California. Seattle and Rochester, NY came between. Yeah, Hillary country. Much to the surprise of most of upstate New York she's turned out to be a popular and effective senator. Who would have thought...

The morning stroll was lovely. The prairie breeze was bearable, the sun was shining and the dog actually wanted to walk!

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