Wednesday, September 28, 2005

There's No Joy In Mudville!

Yesterday I commented about an administration run amok. Today I'll expand it to the entire Congress. Tom DeLay and Bill Frist. We'd of course want both the House and the Senate represented. I know, I know, it isn't just the Republicans but I'm wondering if there might be something in the Texas air. Remember John Tower and Jim Wright?

What concerns me more is the caliber of the people we're electing. If the prevailing mind set of winning at all costs is to be couldn't just once the American people be the ones to win rather than the politicians? Can we really not get past the character assassination we put candidates through so really qualified people will run? The best of the best don't want to put themselves or their families through it. They're successful in their own right. Think what we could again be if these men and women would serve!

I'm so tired. When the Defense Department wants to charge royalties on models of planes and ships, etc. that kids buy it's just too much. Heck, it's our tax money that was used to develop those plans in the first place. With that argument the kids should get them free!

I'm just so tired. Casey struck out.

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