Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wall Ball Revisited

On April 4th I posted my thoughts on the proposed gift of a ball wall to honor the memory of Dylan Groene on Dogwalk Musings by a gentleman living in North Carolina. A plaque was to be part of the gift but was deemed inappropriate by the School Superintendent.

I received an e-mail from this gentleman questioning why. The explanation was that Shasta, who still attends Fernan Elementary, would be upset. I didn't buy it then and I don't now. Not when the Groenes, who apparently enjoy publicity, paraded Shasta in front of tv cameras at the murder sight for a celebration of what would have been her older brother's birthday.

I don't know the gentleman in North Carolina, but assuming his intent is genuine, I think the school authorities owe him and the community a better explanation than the one given. Is it school district policy? What? I'm truly curious.

"I am the man from NC proposing the fundraising for a memorial to honor Dylan. The school district super. is really giving us a hard time about having a plaque for Dylan on school grounds. Steve Groene is 100% supportive of this effort and feels Shasta would not be bothered by a plaque. I am not proposing a garish or loud plaque, just something tasteful to blend in to the surroundings. Dylan enjoyed school and really loved recess and I could think of no better way to honor this little warrior. Am I crazy? I just want to do something to honor the little guy. But a playground with no plaque is just another playground. "

I have no idea what the true circumstances of this story may be but I wager someone out there does. Care to enlighten me? The ball is in your court.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the donor doesn't let the lack of a plaque discourage him from making his donation. Obviously, this huge structure will be recognized as a tribute to Dylan with or without a plaque. Shasta will know for whom it was built, and I would bet she can handle it just fine. In their desire to be sensitive, the school board has overlooked the plaque is a small part of a much more obvious memorial. From what I have read about Dylan, he was an active boy that loved to run and play. A wall ball is a great tribute to this energetic child taken too soon. I agree with the generous and big hearted NC contributor -- he was a little warrior and deserves any tributes we can give him.