Thursday, September 21, 2006

Terrorist Attack!

Well, it has happened. And the administration didn't protect us from it at all. I don't think they saw it coming. In fact I'm not sure they've picked up on it yet! This time planes weren't flown into buildings nor ports blown up nor water supplies poisoned. This time they've merely set foot on our soil with their snarky grins and cocky strides and laid waste to our President and his administration.

I've done the same. But I'm an American and have the right to criticize when I feel it is warrented. Therein lies the point. Were I citizen of any of their countries and tried to do the same I'd be either executed and my family charged for the bullet or tossed in prison never to be heard from again.

How dare they. What was said under the guise of the opening session of the United Nations may be one thing. But to go out into our communities, such as Chavez in Harlem, Musharref on the upcoming 60 Minutes and Ahmadinejad to Anderson Cooper last night, is quite another.

I am outraged because this is still my country and I love it, warts and all. What scares me is how low the opinion of us is in many other parts of the world that those in attending audiences applauded.


Betty said...

It seems to me that there was a time when no one would dare come to the U.S. and say things like that, because we were so well respected by the rest of the world that they would have been chastised by not only our leaders, but leaders of many other countries. This speaks volumes to me, sadly enough.

Maryellen said...

Yes, indeed you are obviously angry. I am an American too, and isn't it great you can say these things and I feel no need to defend that I do not feel this way, and we can both live happily ever after. Peace to you and your family.

Word Tosser said...

If we and our media talks trash day after day. Publish in papers and magazines... hear it on radio and television... by our citizens... don't you think the rest of the world might think we are right? We are constantly ranting in the media.

If you are constantly telling everyone at school what an bad person your brother is... years of it...don't you think the rest of the student will evidently think the same. After all you are the closes to him, so you must know what you are talking about.
Same thing.

People would never ever in the USA talk about Truman, Eishower (sp) or even Kennedy like we talk about Bush. There is no respect for the name President, until the chips are down, and even then it is up to question.

I think these men are horrible, but on the other hand I think we Americans and especially the media, have to look within.