Monday, October 30, 2006

Hallowed Traditions

'Twas the day before Halloween and the neighbor's black cat was lurking in the barrel pit as Bacchus and I approached. I waited for him to screech an early "Trick or Treat" but he was content to hunker and Bacchus's nose was interested in other things.

It got me to thinking about Halloween and Election Day; not so very far apart. One could well serve as as a warning about the other. Both can be filled with horror - one for fun, one to fear. The similarities are curiously creepy. Especially this year!

Who knows if this dark abode may represent our houses of Congress? Especially if the same party continues to hold both. Who knows where the skeletons are buried? Chip Reid suggested yesterday on Chris Matthews that more is coming on the Foley mess.

Who knows if this might be Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton in new leadership roles?

Who knows who we'll elect to lead us? Will they lead us down a new and shining path or the same dark and gloomy one?

Who knows why that cat didn't cross in front of us?

Will November 8 show we've hidden our heads under our arms and galloped off into the darkness? Who knows???


Annette said...

Thank you for looking me up at my other site. It was nice to see you there.
I enjoyed this and hadn't thought about it this way before but you make some good points:)

tumblewords said...

You did a nice job of representing the comparison. With any luck we'll be smarter this time.