Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Party On!

Welcome to the first day of the 2008 Presidential Campaign season! Yes, the American people have sent the present administration a message they can no longer ignore but we must keep vigilant or we may find we've merely exchanged old faces for new and red politics-as-usual for blue.

Remember our very own state of Idaho proved it has tunnel vision when it comes to color. We cannot see blue. At least in Kootenai County. The citizenry voted for every red candidate whether or not they were the best candidate and in many cases they were not. When the complaining begins I hope the voters remember those they elected are a reflection of themselves. If they don't I'll be here to remind them. Just remember you didn't have to send a Bill Sali to Congress. The saving grace is he will be a freshman in the minority.

Back in October my blogging buddy who writes "From a Simple Mind" came up with a suggestion for a third party; the Cafeteria Party. It's time a viable one is created to assure balance. This is as good a place as any to start. This is how it works.

You begin with an empty tray.

This is the important part. You study each and every selection put before you and choose the very best.

If you've studied well , ideally you will have chosen the cream of the crop.

At this point I do not see the Cafeteria Party putting forth it's own slate of candidates, but we will be color blind in our scrutiny of those who wish to serve. So for all you Presidential wannabees, all you senators and house members who will be up for re-election and all you who may like to challenge them; all you local folks with political aspirations no matter where "local" is, the Cafeteria Party will be watching, compiling and commenting.

Thanks, Word Tosser, for the idea. And for all of you who don't want a repeat of the past six years, who want our rights and prestige restored, jump on board. Just desserts are at the end of the line.

Just maybe we'll be able to have our cake and eat it too!


Word Tosser said...

One has to chose well, after all we don't want to put on extra weight but we don't want to be too lean either.

Anonymous said...

Good analogy! It seems to be what's necessary these days. The glow will wear off from today eventually ~ and everyone will be wanting their own brand of change. :)


Thailand Gal

Betty said...

Looks like a pretty good idea.

stebbijo said...

Yep - but on a state level here in the great state of Idaho we were - I believe the only state that voted the straight R ticket - I feel trapped, powerless, and SOL. We are doomed - SOL - the fat lady needs to sing.