Sunday, February 25, 2007

Returning The Favor - Oooops

We all remember it. The implosion of the World Trade Center twin towers. All due to those pesky Al Qaeda operatives from mostly Saudi origins. We'll show them. We'll declare war on Iraq!

And that we did. Now the whole country is imploding while our leadership fiddles. Ah, but an insurgency of more ill equipped troops will create the stability needed for the country to get a grip. Just. Give. It. Time. To. Work.

Every day since the plea was first made there have been continued suicide bombings in Baghdad. Today's early headline has al-Sadr, the cleric leader of the largest of the Shiite militias, mocking us. He states the crackdown is doomed to failure. Another 41 dead.

To add to the chaos, President Talabani has fallen ill and is in neighboring Jordan for treatment. One less Kurd to deal with. Yes, indeed. Iraq is collapsing upon itself. Who knows what al-Maliki is up to.

But wait a minute! Isn't the Al Qaeda stronghold still in Afghanistan? Isn't that where bin Laden is still avoiding capture? Isn't he a still a Saudi? Sorry Iraq. Maybe we can plant a field of Poppies to honor your dead as we watch the Brits go home.

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brentandrews said...

Why hasn't some enterprising journalist found Osama?