Thursday, June 28, 2007

Auld Acquaintance

The final phone call last night came after I had called it quits. My husband had been searching online for a hotel as near to the airport as possible to no avail. Jeanne's husband took a more sensible approach - high end. They'd be most likely to have rooms. He was right so at least they escaped the cot and the hoards and the fear for the safety of two little girls in a strange and frighteneing place.

I rested easy. They rested easy. The phone rang at 6:15 a.m. They were in the security line and all looked good.

It was a beautiful morning here. My spirits were pretty good. After the expected initial shyness the silliness set in and everyone relaxed. Bacchus greeted them like old friends.

We headed for town; the lure of the lake was too much but the city kids weren't too crazy about the cold water. They did, however, enjoy the boys showing off for them and were soon chatting with some girls.

Fresh air and sunshine will do it every time. Everyone is curled up on the sofa sound asleep.

Early morning tomorrow - off to Yellowstone. And I don't think they'll be totally bored.

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Christine said...

Dogs are great, aren't they? I see you have a St. Bernard, only one of the best there is. I came across your blog when I looked up "musings from the dog" on google (that's the name of my blog) and when I saw yours, dogwalkmusings, I realized that we both enjoy spending time with dogs and thinking.

Call me obsessed if you want, but I should let you know that I've created this blog for myself simply to write about dogs. enjoy the weather :-)