Friday, July 20, 2007

Some Thoughts On Hillary

Like her or not, candidate Clinton has asked a good question. What are the logistical plans being drawn up for withdrawal of our troops from Iraq? For that she has been patronized by the Pentagon and pilloried by her competitors. It is being read a couple of ways. From the Pentagon's point they would be aiding the enemy by divulging such if indeed plans are under consideration. Another read is that no such plans are in the works.

I would like to see her take the question a bit further. What does the administration plan to do to quell the rising incidents of Islamic terror world wide? Keeping our troops bogged down in street fighting in Iraq isn't going to cut it.

Is it not time to get beyond the fact the candidates did not do their due diligence before voting on this war? What's done is done. I'm far more interested in knowing their ideas on sorting out the mess. The violence and the movement has long since spilled over the Iraqi borders. The truth is the war opened Iraq to it. Western nations are more and more at risk. We're facing a brutal and bloody battle world wide that has a more public face with each day that passes.

When a fellow candidate, John Edwards, sends forth his wife to question if Hillary is "lady" enough for the Presidency I cringe. How would he like it if his credentials were judged by his primping video on You Tube or his $400 hair cut?

I understand the absurdities of politics. It's all part of the theater we've grown so used to we're immune to. Let's move cots onto the senate floor and have pizza sent in. Let's hold hearings. Let's take non-binding votes. Let's spin our wheels and accomplish nothing. It's easier than legislating. And get off the Iraqi's backs about taking August off. So is Congress. They haven't met the benchmarks. We best remember the benchmarks are ours. Not theirs. And they do not have one bit of interest in meeting many of them.

Come on. What we are facing as citizens of the world, the politics of power and ideology, is no joke. We had better take these upcoming elections as seriously as we've ever taken anything. And so had the candidates.


Betty said...

I applauded Elizabeth Edwards when she confronted Ann Coulter, but I am disappointed in her attack on Hillary. I am very much afraid that her attacks on other Democrats will be detrimental to John's campaign. She has a right to her opinion, of course, but right or wrong, people will attribute her opinion to John, too. She is a very intelligent person - she should be above sniping like that.

Anonymous said...

Agreed betty. As for Hillary, she does what is in the best interest of Hillary. I think it a good argument that we can't telegraph our punches, if you will. And to publish a "pull out" timetable simply notifies the insurgents that they are winning the battle. And, at a guess, they would step up the terror activities. I don't know if there is a plan or not. Probably so, at least in quasi form. But just as we didn't send Hitler a telegram about D-Day, neither should we give out information on our future plans. As for stopping the terrorist attacks, they have been doing this to each other for 1000 years. They are fanatics and there is no stopping them. They did it before we went to Iraq and they will do it after we leave. The political climate today is against the war and desirous of a pullout. So Hillary has jumped on that bandwagon because that attitude is in her best interest. Don't forget her vote for the Iraq war because, at that time, that was the popular attitude in this country. I do not believe that the American people are entitled to be informed about military strategy. Too many lives at stake. I do not need to know something that will get someone killed. I would note here that the Democrat leadership and majority have given the go-ahead for those Imams who were removed from the plane, to sue the people who pointed out their questionable behavior. Behavior they indulged in for the express purpose of causing an incident. The flying public is asked to be aware of unusual behavior and then report it. Now our majority party says that if you do so, you can be sued. Also the Muslim hierarchy in America has threatened to sue whenever any Muslim is questioned. So I, a Christian can be questioned or my friend who is Jewish can be questioned...but not a Muslim. Interesting!

Betty said...

I agree with you that we can't announce when we plan to pull out. But, why not, like Nixon did, just announce that the war is over and we won, so we'll be bringing most of our troops home gradually, starting now. Like Vietnam, there doesn't seem to be any good way to extricate ourselves. And, you're right about Hillary being an opportunist, but aren't they all?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely betty...politician = opportunist. It is just a matter of degrees. My feeling about an announcement, as you suggest, is that we are dealing with a completely different mindset here. First, saying we had won would infuriate them. Remember, America is the "great Satan". They can't let Satan win. I believe such an announcement would simply step up the terrorist attacks, both in Iraq and worldwide.

Word Tosser said...

You all got to remember, Hillary's running is part of the power plan that she and Bill have had for 30 years. Since they were in college, and got married. He would go first and then after, he would help her to the top. That is why she didn't dump him before. It is the power plan.
Could a congress person ask the Pentagon what their plan is. I would think they would have to give them some kind of idea what is the future and how. Not so much complete details but the general gif of it. BUT they are not to make it public. Neither the Pentagon nor the Congress. I am so fed up with every step being told to the media or being asked of them to tell. WHAT HAPPEN TO LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS? Congress needs to know.. the public does not. How can a Congress person make a decision if they don't have the facts. That is how we got in this mess... Congress was fed a bunch of stories. Not necessarily true. So I understand the change of mind now.
And just how do they pull out? Take the equipment out and then that leaves the troops to be slaughtered? Or take out half of the equipment with half the troops, with the same results? No way we can swoop in with planes, load up all the equipment, and troops. That is a good question, Hillary. Not necessarily for me to know, but Congress sure the heck should know. Still don't get my vote yet...not unless you are the lesser of the evils, like in past elections. Because so far, Edwards hiding behind his wife skirt, doesnt' cut it.. and the rest aren't much better. All weak. I want a strong person with common sense.
And if this country ever goes into this again... they dang well better have a plan to go in, a plan of how it will be when there, and how to exit. This jumping in and try to figure the rest out later, is bull...

Big O said...

We never learn.......Look at Vietnam.

Maybe we should put a a number on how many we are willing to sacrifice before we go home..4,000?...5,000?...6,000?....??????