Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Days

Hub came in while I was doing my morning stretches, growling "There goes the neighborhood!"

"What happened now?" Then I noticed the twinkle in his eye. Gino is back home safe and sound. No more quiet times while working around the fence line between ourselves and the neighbors. The Husky, the Boxer and the Yorkie will be there supervising and Gino will be the most vocal of all.

Seems a young lady found him exploring the territory a couple of miles down the road and scooped him up. She parked the tiny pooch with her Mother and took off for a short vacation. Upon her return she saw the lost dog signs that had been plastered around the area and figured the pup she found had to be Gino.

Sometimes good people cross your path and sometimes you just get lucky. Both happened to the neighbors. Plus, they learned a lesson. While they thought Gino had been "chipped", he had not. I wager he will be.

He'll no longer be left out in the yard. The hawk didn't get him but an eagle or an owl might. He wasn't stolen though there have been a rash of dog thefts in the surrounding areas of late.

But for one day all's well that ends well. Bacchus barked and I laughed as we passed them as they left for work and held Gino up for us to see. Not a bad hump day.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear this...I have been holding good thoughts for Gino. Such a little guy to be lost in this big scary world filled with obstacles.