Wednesday, October 03, 2007


There isn't enough coffee in the world to get me past this morning! I just finished reading a book on the joys of getting older and living longer. Ha! Like it isn't all going to be fun and games with our expanded life spans.

Now, I settle in to enjoy the comics - and someone dies in my two favorite comic strips! We all knew Lisa Moore of Funky Winkerbean was not going to live through the month. I must admit For Better or for Worse blind sided me - though it shouldn't have. Jim survived one stroke and wasn't bouncing back at all well. I should have seen it coming with the recent reminiscence about Jim and Marion.

Fortunately, for today, it's all written word. The reality is that it's cool and rainy, a good day to hug my dog who's warm and snuggly and very much alive.


Bill McCrory said...

Jim hasn't died yet. Marion is going through the conflict family members or caregivers face when a loved one is dying but may linger without being able to recognize anyone, move, or communicate again. I'm guessing that, yes, he is dying and the story line may have her and others feeling guilty because after he's gone, they feel a sense of relief. They may experience unwarranted but understandable shame for that feeling.

Dogwalkmusings said...

You're right Bill. I jumped the gun on Grandpa Jim. It will be interesting to see how each generation will handle what I think is the inevitable conclusion and all that leads up to it.

Especially considering the book I've just reviewed. How Dr. Rubin's take measures up to Dorothy Johnson's.

Some funnies!