Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Behind Every Successful Man...

Maybe we need more wives in politics. I rather enjoyed seeing the canidates' wives discussing the ins, outs, highs and lows of campaigning for and with their husbands.

I liked the way they made it personal. Something we can relate to. Like how Barak Obama's kids think getting a new dog is a fair trade for dad running for President. And Cindy McCain and Elizabeth Edwards, having been there and done the trade off deal, agreeing that the families would definitely get more pets.

The struggles of keeping the hearth warm and the kids happy does a lot toward humanizing the often robotic image of the men.

I found it entertaining and refreshing. They are all, in their own way, very likeable. At least the five who spoke at a forum that was part of Maria Schriver's fourth annual Conference on Women: the Mrs. Edwards, McCain, Obama, Romney and Thompson. All having undergone scruitny, some intense, some unkind, they remained gracious and genuine.

The AP photo that accompanied an article in this morning's Spokesman Review was perhaps the most telling of all. Just look at the body language. Yes, I know. Hugging is something women do, but here we we have Ann Romney, Republican, hugging Michelle Obama, Democrat. Elizabeth Edwards, Democrat, clasping the hands of Jeri Thompson, Republican.

They have a common bond and it shows. A common bond. The tribulations of campaigning. If that could translate to the candidates. A common bond. The desire to what's best for the country. Now, that would be something.

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