Sunday, October 07, 2007

Idaho Hall Of Fame "*"

Some months ago Senator Larry Craig was voted into the Idaho Hall of Fame. Long before his current notoriety.

The induction ceremony is coming up. Senator Craig has not withdrawn his name nor has the organization done so for him. That's their call. I have my own.

The argument is that before any of the current flap came to light Craig had made tremendous contributions to the state of Idaho. I'll have to take their word on that. Haven't lived here long enough to know. However, to be included in a hall of fame it would seem to me character should be part of the criteria.

Here is a man called upon to immediately resign from the U.S. Senate by its leadership. He did not. When it occurred to him he might be able to reverse his guilty plea he merely hinted at an "intent" to oblige. Then he set a deadline that if reversal of his guilty plea hadn't been resolved by September 30th, he'd then resign. He did not.

The plea reversal was denied. He now tells us he will finish out his term but will not seek another. Should he be believed?

It occurs to me that this "in your face" behavior of his is payback to his senate colleagues who were so quick to throw him under the train. But he rolled out the other side. Now he's going to get them! And the people of Idaho in the process.

What was it Kahn said, in the Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Kahn? "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

How cold is it to stand next to his fellow inductees: Governor Butch Otter, Lt. Gov. Jim Risch, Boise State football coach Chris Peterson and Director of the Idaho National Lab nuclear and energy research center, John Grossenbacher? What a cold hearted affront to these men and the Hall of Fame.

I hope they put an asterisk after his name. What he has done is put Idaho on the map but certainly not in a manner in which I can take pride.

Suddenly all our friends realize it's where we live. If I get one more e-mail asking me what our stance is...

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Anonymous said...

Your stance? Why, with a golf club, preferably a driver, slicing Craig back to oblivion where he belongs!