Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dumbed Downed Divas

I was devastated this morning when I read that Paris Hilton's "people" denied she had ever made a statement about potted pachyderms. I wondered if our cultural heritage had suffered a blow from which recovery will be agonizingly slow and difficult.

But, alas! My faith has been restored. Former skater Tonya Harding has resurfaced. You remember her from the "whack your competition" show a few years back. After her body guard whacked Kerrigan's knee and Harding was banned from skating for life she had a stellar if short lived career as a boxer. The Gold in physical whacking definitely went to Harding.

The Gold in emotional whacking went to to her victim, Olympian Kerrigan. She dated her married agent , they eventually wed, and whined within earshot, after winning Figure Skating Silver, how stupid it was to have to appear in a Disney parade.

Upstanding icons of sport, both. Oops. Maybe "upstanding" is the wrong word. I should think they both have been "floored" by their accomplishments.

Both had faded from the pop culture scene. But there it was in this morning's paper! The newest icons of cultural tribute. An Opera has been composed in their honor. I can't help but surmise this is an attempt to make Opera enjoyable for the masses.

Consider the tremendous skill and character displayed by these two ladies. Women. Certainly enough to be worthy of having an Opera composed in their honor! I get shivers just anticipating a performance. I will be able partake of one when Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera opens in Portland in February.

Wow. Opera. S 'oap it's just grand!


Betty said...

What a coincidence! Tonya is going to be here in Harrison this weekend, in a boxing match. We're just all aquiver, awaiting her arrival.

A Rock Opera, huh? Maybe that will appear here, too. We're really getting uptown, now!

Word Tosser said...

We women of the 60's and 70' who worked so hard to prove how great women are... even with the saying.. You come a long way, baby... I am woman hear me roar, and now...
The Paris, Loman, Tonya's and Brittney's.. have tore down any respect the women who are up and coming today.
We fought all of this for what now?