Friday, November 30, 2007

This Is More Like It...

Housing, education tops LCDC's list read the Friday morning headline in the Press. What followed was quite good coverage of a meeting held Thursday between community leaders and the LCDC.

Without it I wouldn't be able to comment on some of the thinking prevalent to the community and why I feel coverage by the press is so important.

Item - there are enough $13 -$20/hour jobs for 100 welders but not enough people trained to fill them. Is that really the case or are those 100 welders living here and working across the border in Washington where wages are higher? By the time you subtract essentials for living from that base wage; food, clothing, housing and utilities, not to mention transportation and fuel, there is little if anything left to sustain a family. Even at $20/hour. Do the math.

This is an example of why agencies, employers, employees and government entities need to communicate. The problem here extends far beyond the purview of city government and the LCDC. Once that is recognized and addressed progress can be made. With the press pulling all sides together I would expect better communication among these entities to become the norm. At least I should hope so.

Item - The mayor told board members they needed to "market" the urban renewal agency. And just how would this be paid for? More tax dollars? I'll give you a piece of free advice from a one time P.R. hack. To the press - keep the coverage coming. Every meeting, every issue. To the LCDC - conduct your meetings openly, be prepared to answer questions, encourage scrutiny by both the press and the public and you'll be just fine. No "marketing" necessary. It could do you more harm than good if you try to put a "face" on it rather than let what you are and why you are and how you do business stand on its own merit.

For those who consider themselves watchdogs, perhaps it's time to put the pitbull image to rest an let a more likeable image take its place. For both sides, it's the perfect time to de-emphasize the "war" and emphasize the "civil".


Anonymous said...

Dogwalk Musings: If I left everything up to my dog, things would be quite simple. I did enjoy your comments, give me a night or two to think about them and then maybe I will comment. I do like your style, must be because I have met you. The Stickman

stebbijo said...

I read the online article on the Press' site and the following comments - following that article are insightful. Many folks are obviously very unhappy with the LCDC. Those are comments that would not get published elsewhere -if you catch my drift?

I am hestiate to just jump on board - this article is glossed with the headline to change an image problem with the LCDC. The Mayor's biggest concern was the LCDC's images. Go figure.

Affordable housing in CDA - well, then Mayor Bloem, belly up to the bar and prove it. What a joke. Her next real endeavor will probably be a new brick facade for her downtown peeling palace - courtesy of the LCDC.

Also, comparing "watchdogs" to pitbulls and implying uncivility is just not the case. People have real concerns about the management of our money.

The LCDC is getting theirs' this next legislative session and they know it - so they are busy trying to conjeur up local favor. The stats on this last election were a warning to them. It was not a huge win for them. Barely 700 people made the real difference among all three top contenders.

Being nice does not always work, in fact that is when folks will walk all over you. Fighting fire with fire is sometimes necessary.

You appear to imply that we have a nicer gentler LCDC based on this one article. Yeah right - kind of like the IRS? You need attorneys to get past those jerks.

Dogwalkmusings said...

To the Stickman, thanks. It's always gratifying when I make someone "think".

To Stebbijo, Change has to start somewhere. Fighting fire with fire has not worked particularly well. A new tactic should at least be given a chance.

As for watchdogs and pitbulls - there have been both on both sides of the issues. That hasn't proven to be effective either.

I imply nothing about LCDC being a changed entity from one meeting. I am suggesting the approach taken at this meeting seems to have produced some positive interaction.

Taking them or anyone to task as jerks accomplishes nothing. It seems this is a lesson that should have been well learned by now.

stebbijo said...

That's right - dealing with jerks ( the IRS) takes money and specifically if the jerks are attorneys. You just need a bigger and better jerk. Really - if you think that some softer approach is going to work - you are naive. It doesn't work. Being civil only happens in heaven from what I have heard.

You need to spell out this new tactic in case I am wrong.

People like myself can't fork out 500 bucks plus to get public records from this city. That's criminal and I can't afford an attorney. Should I send the city a Christmas card - what do you suggest? Should I volunteer and get the treatment that I have seen?

What exactly was positve about this meeting? All I learned was the LCDC wants to change their image. Still acts like a wolf in sheeps clothing to me.

I am disgusted with it all - the only people that gain from this are on the LCDC board or folks who are connected who already have big bucks who need to make more. They act like Kurds.

Show me a house I can afford here and 100 more of us just like me and and I'll change my tune. That's positive interaction.

I guess I am just out of my league.