Sunday, December 30, 2007

Party Time!

Do the following names mean anything to you? Michael Bloomberg, Sam Nunn, Charles Robb, David Boren, Gary Hart, John Danforth, Chuck Hagel, William S. Cohen, Bob Graham...

As I try to shut out one more round of the Sunday morning talking heads hyping the current slew of candidates, I find an article by David Broder in the Washington Post that offers me some assurance that people other than we bloggers are paying attention to what's going on in Washington and this election cycle.

Yes. The giants of politics past and present, Republican and Democrat, those mentioned above plus many more, are as tired of divisiveness and partisanship at all costs as are we. They will be meeting at the University of Oklahoma January 7 to formulate a possible third party candidacy if the two parties do not pledge to build an administration built on national consensus.

I exhale a huge sigh of relief. Those who actually can do something about the ego fest we are now witnessing are willing to step forward before the fact rather than after. I do wonder if Iowans and New Hampshireites realize their votes will influence the direction this august group will take.

So much concern has been expressed, from Word Tosser's idea of the Cafeteria Party, the choosing of the best candidates regardless of party, to Unity08's effort to bring forth a ticket with one Republican and one Democrat, I am gratified to know the frustration is no longer just ours.

I only wonder why it has taken so long.

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Word Tosser said...

wow, there is hope... and I hope our hope isn't dash by lack of common sense...sure is worth to watch to see what becomes of all of this...
wasn't the last time this happen, if in fact it does... was Teddy Roosvelt elected?