Monday, January 28, 2008

Come On Baby, Light My Fire!

Someone! Anyone! By the way I've been posting lately most of you are probably sure I'm an Obama Democrat. Actually, up until recently I was a die hard Republican. Now I'm an Independent - probably with Libertarian leanings.

I haven't written more about the Republican race because no one has grabbed my attention the way the Democrats have. They all seem to be one trick or no trick ponies. Giuliani carries on the America's heroic mayor mantle ad nauseam. McCain is the soft spoken one who can't get beyond war. Huckabee wears religion on his sleeve and Mitt - well, he may have found his niche with the economy. Have you ever listened to any of these guys speak? Not during a debate but at one of their rallies or town meetings? If Bill Clinton can fall asleep during a preacher's oration, he'd be comatose listening to these guys!

I'm waiting to see a spark of the inspiration they claim to be able to generate and the leadership they all claim they are able to provide.

Ted Kennedy came out with fire and brimstone today on Obama's behalf. Now he's going to hit the campaign trail. That will provide an interesting new dynamic on the Democratic side.

With Bloomberg looming in the shadows the Republicans better pick up the pace pretty soon. Right now I'm pretty bored with them. Getting re-energized, however, is only one more New York City mayor away!


Betty said...

I could tell you were a Republican, but I like you anyway. lol

Dogwalkmusings said...

Gee, Betty, is it that obvious?? Lol!

Camellia Underhill said...

I didn't see Obama turn away from Billary. But very bad decision on his part. That one little act of childish pique, could undo all his progress. As a previous poster noted, very telling. Sometimes it is the little things that speak the loudest. But then, politician, like snow, is a four letter word. What you see is, generally, not what you get.

I'm going to live on an ice floe. Ther are several to chose from in my front garden!