Thursday, January 31, 2008

Manufacturers Take Note!

I took this photo back in late December when we first used our handy dandy tractor mounted snow blower. We had maybe three inches of snow.

First we had one of those that you walk behind. Pretty grim if the wind was blowing. Then we got a plow for the lawn tractor thinking if one of us plowed and the other used the snow blower we could be more efficient. The plow wouldn't move the stuff. We actually bent the tractor frame from trying too aggressively! A tractor mounted blower had to be better.

So we took the step.

Today it died. Hub has had the grumps all month. Every day by lunch time I'd look out the door and see the "Iceman Cometh". I don't think his mood can get any worse than it is today. You see, we didn't realize that all this fancy snow removal equipment that costs hundreds of dollars isn't worth beans in what is called "Cascade concrete".

It warmed to 36 degrees today turning the 9 new inches of the already wet snow we got overnight into mush. Over a two inch layer of ice.

Every muscle in my body aches from the small part I do in this effort. I can't begin to imagine how he feels; being of Montana mountain man stock he's pretty stoic.

I'll complain enough for the two of us. My "take it as it comes" attitude is about shot. The equipment is useless. Still more snow is forecast. It is definitely time to consider a maintenance free condo!


Phil said...

We actually bent the tractor frame from trying too aggressively!

The same thing happened to me while I was shoveling last weekend. Only it was my frame that got bent.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Ah, Phil, at least you gave me a good chuckle. Hope the frame is okay! ;-)