Wednesday, January 09, 2008


We're making progress of sorts. Yesterday was the last day of dog walking for Hub. I went along to once more witness the new routine.

Low and behold the pups were out. And so was the owner. So we had a chat. We were civil. I explained that 1. the dogs weren't supposed to be off his property, 2. being off his property is against the law, 3. they are a menace to traffic, 4. I was resuming dog walking chores and couldn't handle the three of them, 5. it was my right to do so and 6. I could legally shoot them. I threw that in as a wake up call. But it's true.

It amazes me what people don't hear when they don't want to. His answers included, in no particular order, he couldn't do anything because it's winter, he leaves for work and is gone all day as is his wife, he'd have to lock them in his shop and they'd make a mess and about shooting them, "Bull____!"

He did agree to keep them confined this week and try to figure something out.

I talked with animal control again and explained where the disconnect is.

This morning snow dog and I started out on our own. Out came the pups. And five vehicles on snow covered Ramsey. They wove their way between the dogs who were firmly entrenched in the middle of the road. One driver opened his window and shouted at me to get off the road. Bacchus and I were not on the road but knee deep on the shoulder.

Then along came the owner. He opened his window and said, "You're out too early! I was just coming home to put them in."

Put them in???

He had been away plowing the parking lot of his business.

"It's seven twenty," I informed him. "I'm out anywhere between seven and nine."

He put the dogs in. Bacchus and I went on our way.

Tomorrow is another day.


Word Tosser said...

Well, one step at a time... hopefully this is the first step... and no slide backs.

stebbijo said...

I have got to hand it to you Dogwalk - you got it - you had this guy at "Bull____!" LOL!

A lot of work to keep dogs off the road. I guess that is the real meaning of a 'watch dog.'