Monday, June 02, 2008

Bacchus Has A Cyber Pal!

Every once in awhile someone stops by the blog and reaffirms the fun factor. Awhile back it was a former newspaper reporter from Ohio. Actually, it was his dog. Rufus. I'm sure he was curious about my blog because of its name. Rufus's blog is simply Dog Walk Blog .

This pooch is about the same age as Bacchus, men of the world; they've been around. Thinking Bacchus might benefit by seeing how other canines contribute to their master's blogs, I read him a few posts. Ole Rufus has it together. Politically he is very savvy. I'm sure he'd credit his dad for that. He even has his own club and invited Bacchus to become a member. Which he did and now has an autographed photo to prove it!

I don't add links often. They have to be special. This one is. Rufus, this one's for you. Thanks for sniffing us out!

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