Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saddleback Forum

I wasn't going to post on this subject but one thing that came out of it sticks in my craw and I'll feel better getting it out of my system.

I watched bits and pieces of it. I was not comfortable that one specific religious movement, the Evangelicals, were allowed such a forum. It is perilously close to violating the precept I have of division of church and state. In a country that prides itself on "freedom" of religion, this appears as a special dispensation for one group to put forth a litmus test.

That aside, I found the questions to be far less hard hitting than the hype suggested they would be. Each candidate answered as they have been campaigning. In the wrap up, talking heads accused Obama of being "nuanced". I took it as thoughtful.

McCain relied on his status as a prisoner of war and spoke in the generalities his audience wanted to hear. I found little value in any of it. Except when, as he has before, John McCain gave his stump speech promise that he will follow Bin Laden to "the gates of hell" to bring him to justice and that he knows how to do it.

If this is so, the "I know how to do it" bit, has he not an obligation to share such insight with the current administration and the rest of the world? I think, of course, it's more of his war hero and commander in chief rhetoric. If it's not just a boast, and he knows something others do not it is a betrayal of the American people.

Which ever it is, it is ill conceived.


Linda Hillin said...

I also was not at peace with this event. Now do they have to do this for every other religious group in America? I thought the evening was instant success for McCain for what he wanted, to solidify the far right. They like black and white answers. No thinking involved. They know the answers, just confirm them Mr. McCain. Blurting out what they wanted to hear now allows them to come out of the corner they'd painted themselves into and vote for him. They have him now making those commitments on TV and will use those statements against him later on when he wishes he hadn't said that.

Obama's success was in surviving the evening, which was better than I'd expected. His success will come over days and weeks. His answers all showed a thought process. Those on the fence or no longer easy with the Republican voice will have to think about Obama's statements for a time. Many will support Obama. We just won't see his success proclaimed on TV. I thought he did well

Anonymous said...

I was kind of floored by Obama's comment about taxes. His saying that people who made $150,00 were middle class or could be classified as poor in California gave me pause. Then saying under his plan they would pay less taxes or none at all lead me to believe he was looking for votes and not being realistic. I know one thing.....if $150,000 is middle class, I down there in the welfare range.....

Word Tosser said...

I agree with your post wholeheartedly... I didn't watch it because I am voting for a Prsident not a Minister. Even the news spot dots of the talk made me feel uncomfortable. "What moral decision did you regret?" Sorry, I sure wouldn't want someone asking me that... that is between God and myself. And it sure doesn't have anything to do with being a President.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to pay for cable and wasn't interested enough to stream it on my computer so I can't comment much on the actual "debate."

I'm really, really uncomfortable hearing any candidates talking about their faith and it wasn't until GWB and Rove that this was even much of an issue.

Anyone remember when JFK had to convince people that his faith wouldn't be an issue?! Ah, the good old days.

So that being said, I'm sure you've all heard by now that the latest kerfuffle is that John McCain wasn't ensconced in a sound proof area so he couldn't hear the questions being asked. He was actually in his limo riding around L.A.!

And you have to love his handlers who are outraged that anyone would even suggest that Mr. POW (and yes, they threw in the POW card)would cheat like that.

What self-serving politican wouldn't take advantage if given the opportunity? The problem is that Pastor Warren shouldn't have started the debate knowing McCain had not yet reached the venue.

Dogwalkmusings said...

gyma, you are 100% correct. That McCain was in his motorcade where anyone from his staff to his wife could have been receiving text messages of the questions is indeed a possibility. It will probably never be proven or disproven but it eliminates any validity the forum might have had.

Word Tosser said...

yes, the doubt that is left now, will blow a hole in his creditablity.
Why wasn't Warren's crew making sure he was IN the cone? Why even mention it, if you aren't having some one checking to be sure it was used?