Saturday, September 20, 2008

Counter Culture Curiosity Or Badge Of Honor?

Every once in awhile something happens that makes me realize how large the gap is between my generation and those that have come since.

This train of thought started yesterday when Hub and I watched a group of high school aged kids depart the City Link bus in front of us. Why, we wondered, weren't these kids in school? It was early afternoon. Maybe they didn't meet the dress code? Lip rings, nose rings, tattoos - the boys shirtless and nearly trouser less. The good sign was the two or three inches of underwear showing above what would be a waist line was bright white.

It continued this morning with a story announcing the police in a nearby town had nabbed three teenagers responsible for defacing a war memorial and vandalizing a school.

It is not unusual for groups to offer reward money to encourage people to come forward with information. This case, however, certainly added a new dimension to the practice. The owner of a local tattoo parlor offered a $100 tattoo, a $50 piercing and $25 worth of body jewelry. Whatever works!

Now I will admit I have never seen anyone adorned quite like the individual pictured, but I have seen people with more piercings than brains. Or so I thought. I may be completely wrong.

This may be far more common place than I would have ever thought! Next time I see such an individual, instead of shaking my head in my usual old lady's disapproving way, I'll look at them and wonder how many perpetrators of mischief they had been responsible for apprehending!

Maybe communities fighting crime and drug problems need to look beyond mere cash rewards for incentive. This small community may be on to something! Consider the communities within the community where they are likely to find their perpetrators!

I never expect to find myself in such a circumstance, however, but if I do, I'll pass. I'm not into pain - and I'd look ridiculous anyway. Though it might obscure some signs of aging. Hmmmm.


Sylvia K said...

Yes, I have thought about obscuring the signs of aging too, but maybe I could just use some colored pens and trace the wrinkles in my face? Wouldn't that be less painful? Not to mention that you could wash it off if you didn't like the results> Well, I guess if make-up doesn't do it, colored pens probably wouldn't either. Damn, didn't someone say getting old was fun? Nut case!

Anonymous said...

I actually think the piercings and tattooing are becoming much more mainstream than they once were.

I have a 20-year old, beautiful, smart, and talented niece with a pierced nose. When she does wear jewelry in it, it's a minute diamond stud.

But still.....

Margie's Musings said...

I agree... but still. When they are 72 as I ma, they will wish they had better sense.