Monday, December 01, 2008

"Team Of Rivals" Or Team WITHOUT Rival?

Well, it's finally official! Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State designate. No surprise there!

Much is being made of two things. One is the question of how all these Clinton retreads can represent change. And two, can the team of rivals work together or will monumental egos get in the way.

Point number one. With the world as it is today, the fact that Obama is putting people into top offices that have a great deal of experience is of comfort. It comes as no surprise that they are Clinton retreads. After all he is a Democrat and these men and women are the ones who have the necessary experience. Hillary probably has the least applicable experience of any of them. She is, however, bright and able, has a great deal of pride and a hefty ego. There is no way she will embarrass herself in that office.

As for how they will get along. Obama has indicated he expects and will encourage lively debate. No one doubts that is what he will get. I'm going to do something a bit out of character for me. I'm going to disagree with the pundits who insist on foreseeing strife and chaos. I'm going to forecast cohesive and well thought out policy decisions as a result of that lively debate.

During "normal" times, whatever that means these days, I would see each of the strong personalities trying to carve out their own glorious niches. But not today. There is far too much at stake. This past week in India has come as a strong reminder of how fragile peace and well being can be. Look at Thailand. Look all around us. The beheaded bodies being found all along the Mexican border around Tijuana. It's a grim, grim world out there.

The world can no longer tolerate the posturing of egos. It will expect, if not demand, hardcore diplomacy from seasoned professionals, no matter the nationality.

The world as we know it has already been permanently altered with the economic meltdown. It can ill afford additional problems from a lack of strong leadership and diplomacy. I would like to believe each and every cabinet appointee is well aware of what is at stake for not only our nation but the world. I would like to believe each realizes his or her part in finding solutions. I would especially like to believe each and every one of them knows, from Obama on down, that the world needs America to be all that it can be.

It's not just Obama's team. It is our team. And we, as a nation, have been and can be again, a team without rival. That, friends, is all the change I need.


Sylvia K said...

Couldn't agree more. I believe these people all know very well what is at stake and will do what they see as being the best for America -- even if they have swallow egos to do it. I have more faith in the leaders to be than I've had in a very, very long time.

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

Ed Henry of CNN was one of those people who ranted about the "Clinton retreads." Which I considered over the line. On CNN's Political Ticker, were a number of people who thought that Obama wasn't representing "change" by bringing in people with prior experience. So, I posed a question (with the moderator's approval?) if they thought that as plumbers, dishwashers and etc. that they could fill the various cabinet jobs at state, defense and etc. A gvt truly of the people. Sorry, but the world is in a dismal shape to be playing these kinds of games.

Word Tosser said...

all during the election trail.. the one thing I kept saying, was I would feel better if I knew who the future President... be it he or she... would have for a cabinet. As they will make or break the President. As I watch his choices, I smile. I, in my own little knowledge of big pictures, see good people being chosen. And I don't think the ego thing will be too much, as no one at all wants this to fail...and they surely don't want to be the cause of its failure. So I think they see a great opportunity for the country and will want to be part of that.
Hopefully Congress will see that when they give the ok for these fine people.

Word Tosser said...

also isn't one of the changes, that of a change from the last 8 years?
Personally I want the finest of people, the smartest, the most intelligent of matter who they use to work for...
I guess that makes me an elistist seeker?

Margie's Musings said...

It's not just experience he's's brains. These people are the best brains available and the reason they are from the Clinton era is that he too wanted the best minds on his team. I think that is so much better then using "yes" men and women like our present president did...or even worse, putting people in charge who were hell bent on protecting their own interests.

Anonymous said...

Obama has also said he's the change and will set the direction and priorities of his administration, not the other way around.

When you think about it, you'd have to go back to the Carter administration to find other Democrats with national experience, so choosing some of the Clinton "retreads" is a smart move on his part.

I think the only people who are disgruntled are the very far left who don't like the centrist tone he's setting.

I, on the other hand, am as pleased as punch!