Thursday, January 29, 2009

Democracy Iraqi Style

One of my biggest objections during the Bush administration was that they governed by fear. This was American democracy in action and the world was watching. Especially the Iraqis upon whom we were trying to impose our vision of it.

The lesson, perhaps, was to do as we say, not as we do. They didn't seem to hear and have now taken it to their own level of governing by fear. Kill the opposition!

Provincial elections are to be held Saturday. Three candidates were killed today. They were all Sunnis. The current government is, of course, Shiia.

About 15 million Iraqis are expected to turn out Saturday with the Sunnis planning to turn out in large numbers. Tens of thousands of police and soldiers will supply security including curfews and a vehicle ban to discourage car bombings! I wonder if they ever thought of voting by mail!

When I read that the lead up to the voting has been less violent than feared, it makes me wonder just what the "surge" has really accomplished. And just exactly their take is on what "democracy" is all about.

When you consider the celebration in Grant Park after Obama's win and the crowds jammed into Washington D.C. for the inauguration, both of which went without incident, I get the feeling the Iraqis don't quite get it! I hope it doesn't turn into a blood bath. The verbal character assassination that occurs in our country is something I will gladly learn to tolerate if the Iraqi was is the alternative!

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