Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pickin' On Palin

As long as Joe the Plumb...oops, I mean Journalist, remains fodder for the media, Sarah may as well keep her visibility high too. Who knows, one day they may be running mates!

Actually I think I may have underestimated Sarah's suitability for public office. She has learned a great many lessons that will serve her well should she ever move up the ladder! One is to use the media to her advantage. Then blame the media for everything that goes wrong. And whine. Oh yes, whine.

She can't honestly think Caroline Kennedy hasn't taken her lumps for her "you knows" and "ums" during interviews. She has. They both need some lessons on how to communicate effectively.

When she is wondering out loud, to a reporter of course, if Caroline is receiving preferential treatment for a Senate seat because of her name, education and the fact she lives in Manhattan and is more cosmopolitan than the rurally oriented Palin, it makes me chuckle. Kennedy is after all making a run for the Senate seat from New York. Manhattan is in New York. Many of the reporters are based in New York. Yet I find no lack of scrutiny because of it.

One thing Ms. Palin might bear in mind. She was running for the office of Vice President of the United States. Perhaps the enormity, the significance of that position hasn't occurred to her. Perhaps it hasn't occurred to her that being a Mayor of a small Alaskan town wasn't quite enough to convince us she was ready to run the country. It seemed like some kind of a lark to her. I can't begin to imagine how she'd be handling the current situations - the crumbling economy, the escalation of middle east conflicts, had McCain won and become unable to serve.

She might also bear in mind that the scrutiny really wasn't against Sarah Palin, the person as it was Sarah Palin the persona. Now however, it is the person!

Remember the Katie Couric interview and Tina Fey's portrayal of her on Saturday Night Live? According to an AP article, Palin complained that they had "exploited" her. And that Couric had been condescending. Every time these tired old subjects are re-addressed it seems her victimism increases!

She even went on to complain that the reporter doing the interview took her comments out of context "to create adversarial situations." How long has the election been over? Why is this even out there for me to comment on?

She's got it down pat. Use the media. Blame the media. She even has a body double in Fey if the going really gets rough - if she can afford her. She also shows she's in touch with reality for the next go round. If blaming the media doesn't get the traction she needs, she has the rest of us covered too.

As she wrapped up the interview she commented, "When did we start accepting as hard news sources bloggers, anonymous bloggers especially?"

I'm not sure the rest of the world has. But then most of us can name the papers and magazines we read.

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Margie's Musings said...

Oh how true! Palen is such a whiner!