Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah: Red, White And Blue!

Ah, 'tis July 4th. The day we celebrate our Independence from England and most forms of common sense when it comes to fire works and sun exposure!

I got to thinking about the patriotic side of things as Hub hoisted our brand new flag on our brand new non-tangle pole. Who more represents the red, white and blue this particular holiday than Sarah Palin? Red with anger over how she's been treated by the media, white with angst at supposed slights against her family, especially her children. And blue for the way her political career seems to be imploding. Don't be too sure.

I'm going to stick my neck out and offer my thoughts on this woman, mostly because I don't feel like doing the research for a more serious post. It is, after all, a holiday.

I heard one pundit describe her as a narcissistic personality who is about to get very rich. I have no argument with that assessment. With that in mind let's fast forward a year or so. We'll have seen more of her than most of us probably care to because she will be the media darling off setting Obama.

She'll have had her book published and will have been on the speaking circuit preaching her family values agenda, maybe even having a show on FOX a la Huckabee, and trying to become a serious player in the Republican party. The question to me is will she succeed and that depends on how much Americans remember.

Do I think she'll make a bid for the 2012 Republican nomination? If she's successful in her public private life I would guess yes. It will be an ego driven quest to be the first female President.

Do I think she will succeed? No.

Even though the Republican base is said to love her I'm not sure it's really love or infatuation that will quickly run it's course with more exposure. Secondly, the Republican base isn't large enough to carry her nor do I expect it to expand.

She is shaky on the family values issue anyway. She preaches one thing but the fact that her daughter is an unwed mother and that she was rumored to have an affair of her own will come back to haunt her.

When the pundits finish trying to analyze why she resigned from office and whether or not it was political suicide, a few facts will remain.

She quit before her term was up. She didn't want to milk her state as a lame duck since she decided not to seek re-election. If you buy that...

The fact will remain that she quit. A job unfinished to which she had been elected to do. What would she do as President should she win? Would she abdicate to her Vice President so as not to milk Americans as her term in office was about to end? I would ask that question.

There are already plenty of questions about her intellect from her stint is Vice Presidential candidate. I'm not sure she even realizes she needs a cram course in world history and politics. It's that ego thing again.

The last trait I'm going to touch on today is temperament. She has the role of victim down pat. As inappropriate as political cartoons and late night show hosts can be, whining about it is most unbecoming. She has shown me nothing to indicate she has the capability to handle the pressures that come with the Presidency. One cannot whine one's way through life and expect to have respect. Obama is not a whiner and look at the problems he's having gaining the respect of world leaders.

I think she would be an entertaining addition to the FOX line up of Conservative talk show hosts. She can whine all she wants and be handsomely paid for it. I do not, under any circumstance, see her as Presidential material.

I wonder how I'll feel a year from now!


Margie's Musings said...

I agree with you. I'm about as impressed with her as I was with Bush. I consider them two sides of the same coin.

Why the Republican party is having so much trouble with candidates is beyond me. It would help if they nominated someone who made sense.

Linda said...

On this one we're on the same page. You must have read my mind.

I think more will unravel in the coming days. I can see her on FOX. I can't see her as president.

I've not spoken about her. I'm not sure why but I think it's because it bothers me so that a major party would stoop to anything, even putting the country in the hands of a 45 year old teen-ager just to win. That bothers me

It also causes me to question everything about the presidential election process.

I suppose I'm embarrassed for my country.

She is a whiner for sure. If Obama had taken his eyes off his goal everytime something bad was said about him or his family, he would would not be president today.

She needs to learn to soar, she knows how to mud fight, but to be president she has to learn to soar above the fray.

Good post.

Word Tosser said...

What got me was when she said... she would speak up for those who ran for elections no matter where they were...(AND SHE SAID) no matter what party... that blew me away.. is she going to give up on the R like some have? Or is it true after all, that she and Todd belong to the Alaska Independent Party?

Maybe the timing, which also is being questioned... maybe she figured if she could knock Michael Jackson death and follow up off the news... she would make it as President. (I am
More like the R's are ready to dump her, maybe?

Word Tosser said...

she is like bilge water... keeps coming to surface from time to time..

Betty said...

I have already seen and heard more from her than I want to. What a whiner! If she didn't want anything said about her children, she shouldn't have paraded them around with her at every campaign event - especially the ones that were televised.

Sansego said...

She has no chance of even getting the Republican nomination for president because she has a pattern of quitting: five colleges to get her degree? Quitting her job at the energy board because she apparently didn't like what she saw? The only job she didn't quit was the Mayor's office, and she ran that place like a dictator (putting the town into debt for the first time).

Yeah. Real winner there. No way a person who only served half a term as governor could even defeat a president with one term under his belt. I breathed a sigh of relief with her announcement. Though I didn't think she had much of a chance before, I still think what happened in 2000 could happen again. I didn't think Bush could ever win with his thin I wouldn't put it past the powers that be that might want her as president. However, she shot her ambitions in the foot.

Hughes ap Williams said...

As a writer, my sympathies go out to the ghostwriter(s) and editors who will have to write her book. If they are smart they will make sure their names aren't anywhere on it.