Sunday, August 23, 2009

When You Can Laugh You Know You're Healing!

Bacchus will be with us for a l-o-n-g time to come! We've begun washing the blankets, gathering the toys and vacuuming everything! He had never stopped shedding his winter coat and tumbleweeds of dog fur are everywhere.

In some native American lore it is said the spirit of the departed stays for three days. In Bacchus's case it's probably to make sure his Mom is going to snap out of her funk. It's okay, kid; I'm getting a handle on things.

Yesterday morning Hub heard me fumbling around the kitchen getting my first cup of coffee and came in. He said, "Either Bacchus's spirit is alive and well or we've got a mouse! I saw a dark something scoot out of here when I was getting ready to turn on the light."

"Or you didn't!" I laughed.

We haven't had a mouse in the house since we first moved in. We had a battle royal for about three days and that was the end of it. But, living on five acres in the middle of the prairie, we decided to dig out the live trap, load it up with peanut butter and set it where we thought was strategic. Outside the pantry.

Last night we were watching the tube when we heard the click of the door. Sure enough we had a little guy. Hub took him out to the fence line at the back of the property and let him go. "He didn't want to leave his peanut butter," he was laughing when he came back in. We both laughed. It reminded us of someone else and his taste for "people food".

We resumed watching TV. It wasn't long before another little guy was scurrying around at our feet. Hub got up and reset the trap. "That 'spirit'", he muttered, "wants to make darn sure we have something to do!"

We both laughed. No mouse yet today but we know he's in there! It reminded me of the old Scottish prayer,
From ghosties and ghoulies,
And long-leggety beasties,
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord deliver us.
We're doing just fine. We're beginning to laugh.

There are poignant moments too. I was searching for mouse holes in the guest room closet and found a little wooden heart on the floor. It says "Love bears all things". It's probably off one on my stuffed animals from the collection that adorns the guest bed until we have company, then into that closet they go.

What an opportune time to find it. I smiled. How true.


Anonymous said...

Your mouse problem makes me think of the raccoons my daughter traps and returns to the wild. One time we saw one running across a field as we were returning home and I said it was the released raccoon trying to beat us home.

Word Tosser said...

good thing Hub didn't kill the mouse.... I heard that 12 more come to the

Peggy said...

Awe; the heart that you found on the floor...I remember my daughter went to Big Sky Montana after her senior year of high school. When she was unpacking she found Wheaton's (lab) hair on things...made her miss home.
Glad your smiling a little and can laugh! Laughing through tears is my favorite emotions.

Margie's Musings said...

You will take a long time to heal but you are well on the way. My prayers are still with you.