Sunday, September 13, 2009

40 And Counting

Every one was commemorating September 11th. We were commemorating September 12th. 1969. 40 years ago yesterday we were married.

We had planned to combine a business trip to London with our anniversary. Visit with some old friends, and sail home on the Queen Mary. Well, Bacchus caused a postponement of those plans. That was okay. London and the Queen Mary will be there, as will our friends; we knew the likelihood of Bacchus being with us was slim. Unfortunately we were right.

That being said, last Wednesday was the last day we caught a mouse! If you've been reading this blog you know we discovered a mouse problem the day after he left us! It was suggested they represented his spirit. We laughed, but one can wonder... Three weeks to the day we caught the last one. We ensconced him in an ammo box, the idea being we'd catch a bunch of them and relocate them, but the little guy in the picture was the last. I took him far, far away and released him in a field.

The anniversary approached. September 11 we took dog stuff to the Humane Society Thrift Store. September 12th we shampooed carpet. All day. "Happy anniversary you old bat." "Happy anniversary you old goat."

So. This week we're going to take a short trip just to get away. Visit a couple of favorite restaurants in Montana in Butte and Big Fork. A drive through Glacier and a stop at a gallery in Columbia Falls. I can hardly wait. We need to get away.

In the meantime, if anyone reading this can tell me why my blog won't load yet I can post I'd appreciate some guidance. It has been slow loading for sometime and has now quit. I don't think upgrading to Snow Leopard on my Mac has anything to to with it. I think it is a Blogger problem.

I may get something up tomorrow - or not. If not I'll see you sometime around the end of next week.


Margie's Musings said...

Hey, it loaded alright this time. I am so sorry you are not going to buy another saint. Bacchus was so special.

Dogwalk Musings said...

I've learned never to say never, Margie, but it's too soon. It takes two to make the decision and right now we're both still hurting too much. Bacchus was special, but then all our dogs have been. We'll see what happens in time. In talking with a neighbor's son today, he told me Bacchus and I were kind of the ying and yang of the neighborhood. I laughed. I think he may have been right!

Word Tosser said...

Happy anniversary to one of the nicest couples I know... and have a good trip.
Maybe we can do our trip to the mountain when you get back

Dogwalk Musings said...

That's a promise Word Tosser!

Linda said...

Sorry, I misunderstood your problem. I never solved the loading problem with blogger. It just finally went away.

In the meantime I had to leave Google and use Firefox to get your blog to load. You might try using another search engine.

I pulled it up just now with Google and it was fine. Who knows with computers.

Have a nice trip and a happy anniversary. Maybe when you return you'll be ready for a puppy, we hope.

Peggy said...

Happy anniversary to you both.
it will be good for you to get away and come back rested and full of memories!

Betty said...

Happy Anniversary! By the way, your blog has been very slow to load for me, too, and my comments have stopped showing up - something I said? lol

Dogwalk Musings said...

Well, thanks to Linda, I think I've got it fixed. I had enlarged my followers gadget and it was too wide. As soon as I took down the width everything seems okay.

Betty, I could never get mad at you! You are so funny and such a good read. I hope to get back to commenting again. Time constraints, first with Bacchus, then the aftermath, I've been up to my ears.

Linda, it's far too soon to even think about a puppy or even a rescue dog. Right now Hub is resolute, but we'll see. He has agreed with old friends that have said they can't imagine us without a Saint. He said neither can he. Then he shakes his head and says, "No more dogs." We'll see what time does. The house is awfully empty. A 160 pound dog is quite a presence.

June Saville said...

I've had so much trouble with Blogger lately - it makes me hesitate before deciding to post ...
June in Oz

Sara Williams said...

I am reading a book called "Pets Have Souls Too" so I can agree that the mice may be Bacchus' little messengers telling you that he is ok. Call me mad, I dont mind!

Happy Anniversary, I was 2 when you guys got married!

Dogwalk Musings said...

Sara, I don't think you're mad! I think there's something to it! If you're mad so am I. Lol.

I'm happy you read Dogwalk. I like having readers younger than myself. It keeps me trying to see things from different perspectives or at least that mine aren't stifled by age!