Sunday, September 27, 2009

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

Just when I think Bill Clinton has decided to stay above the fray he seems to jump right back into it.

He is now claiming, according to Yahoo News that the vast right wing conspiracy, so named by Hillary, is alive and well and targeting Obama.

The quote attributed to him is a bit confusing to me, but then I confuse easily. When asked if it was still there, he allegedly said, "You bet. Sure it is. It's not as strong as it was because America has changed demographically. But it's as virulent as it was." Here's where my confusion enters into it. If isn't as strong as it was how can it be as virulent?

While no longer targeting him because he no longer holds the office of Presidency, which it was credited with trying to destroy, he sees as their agenda wanting Obama to fail.

How un-American. Does anyone really want President Obama to fail? I rather doubt it. What those of us who have tempered our enthusiasm for him do want are policies that make sense. Leadership rather than appeasement. The ability to articulate his vision rather than repeating the same things over and over hoping something will stick no matter how little sense it makes!

That's not wanting the President to fail. That's wanting him to live up to expectations. It's so easy to blame a shadowy apparition of conspirators than face up to the fact you're not measuring up. I guess the question at this point is can the President measure up or did he reach the pinnacle of his abilities during the campaign?


grammyof13 said...

girl where have you been? Better still, HOW have I missed your blog?
You write so well, and say so much without being offensive. Thanks for the breath of fresh air!

I'll be back.


Word Tosser said...

And then you have Hillary asking for the US to drop the charges against Polanski..... a convicted rapist of a minor.. Yes, I know it is over 30 years ago... but still... for her, in her stand up for that kind of a crime.. sorry, it turns my stomach.

Margie's Musings said...

There really is a vast right wing conspiracy in the Republican party. I'm surprised you can't see evidence of it. I am a Republican and even I see it plainly.

Mari Meehan said...

Doris! Thanks for coming by. I've been here for about five years just doing what I do! Glad you appreciate it.