Sunday, October 18, 2009

Have We Totally Lost Our Sense Of Humor?

What's your initial reaction when you look at the picture on the left? Is it, "Oh my gosh, what a horrible affront to Hispanics!"? Or "Oh my gosh, what a horrible affront to the 12 million illegals living within our borders!"? If so I'm going to go live on his planet. Actually I laughed. I really thought it was clever and funny.

As a Halloween costume, it had been available through Target online until they withdrew it contending, from pressure, it was a "mistake".

Come on people! First we have to watch our slang because it's offensive to somebody, we've eliminated "squaw" from our vocabulary because it's offensive to Indians, now we can't even market a Halloween costume that looks nothing like a Hispanic because of the implied meaning? Who implied it? If the Hispanics are so sensitive to it do you think maybe the shoe fits?

It reminds me of my pre-chess set days when I was playing around with little figures I was thinking of selling as one offs. I showed the first couple I made to the owner of a gallery that was carrying my work.

She told me she couldn't carry them because she was "Christian". Talk about being set back on your heels!

Since much of my work has a bit of politically incorrect subtleties to it, I decided we should part company. The chess set came after and I made it as politically incorrect as possible.

Living in Seattle at the time, it was when the politically correct police were successful in keeping the military from carrying their weapons in parades and forbid the Sea Fair Pirates from firing their pistols and brandishing their swords. It's been a long time since we lived there. I hope sanity has returned.

As for the chess set, I made the Knights Mummies who cannot move and Headless Horsemen who cannot see. The Bishops on one side are Devils and the others, Wizards. It felt so good when I finished it. It's a Halloween set for crying out loud. Lighten up!

Kids can't have popcorn balls or apples anymore for fear of not so nice stuff implanted in them - or the fear of contamination, so what do we do? We give them safe, factory wrapped candy. What's the good sense in that?

Most of the older kids don't even dress up any more. They come to your door for the hand outs. Some fun. If they'd come dressed ad that illegal alien I'd laugh and probably give them extra!

I don't know, I don't know. I guess I'm not politically correct enough to go to heaven at this point in my life. Where I'd really like to go is where my dogs are. If I can't go there either, I want to go to where ever that alien came from.


Gail said...

I think it is funny.

I also think people need to lighten up and stop being so politically correct. It makes things so boring.

If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I have a heard a million Arkansas Hillbilly and dumb blonde jokes but never have I complained about how it offended me. I either laugh or I don't.

That is how simple things like this could be.

John Dwyer said...

A long time ago (maybe 20 or so years) my alma mater, Marquette University, dropped their Marquette Warrior name and became the Marquette Eagles. I am still mad about that. It was not the name change but the idiotic pandering to the squeaky wheels that fueled my still-continuing fury. I do not know how many alumni gifts this has caused the "Eagles".

Word Tosser said...

Wow, one has to really stretch ones mind to get this to cover the illegal immigrants. I thought it cover the out of space fine.. but immigrants...give me a break.