Saturday, November 14, 2009

Premium Premiums!

The Friday the 13th edition of The Wall Street Journal had an interesting commentary by Andrew Heinze about what Health Reform would do to his health insurance. An appropriate day for such an article was my thought. He explains how his insurance, basically catastrophic, will go away unless a plan is purchased that covers more than is wanted or indeed, needed, or be fined. This still sticks in my craw. That the government is going to bully us into health care options by threatening us with fines and even jail.

You see, as Jim Hightower points out, government employees, especially Congress, have their own gold plated system that bears no resemblace to the one they are foisting on us. That includes Republicans and Blue Dogs. Even those who serve but one term have their coverage for life. There is no having to revert to what with which the rest of the country will be saddled!

Somehow I can't feel too badly for government employees who are facing an increase in their premiums whiel the rest of us will be facing increased taxes (mark my words), fines or jail!

It will never happen, but if the Republicans or the Blue Dogs really want to do something for us, even if it's for no more than satisfaction, bury in the pork that they have to give up their goodies once back in the private sector! Just think of the savings that could be derived.

On the down side, we'd probably have more of them thinking election mandates a term for life and we'd never get them out of office unless we rid them of gerrymandering!


Margie's Musings said...

If you are old enough for Medicare, as I am, chances are none of this will affect us.

Dogwalk said...

I beg to differ with you Margie. It will hit us in our pocketbooks when it comes to taxes, it will result in deeper cuts in physician reimbursements for Medicare patients as well as coverages. Even if it didn't, that's not the point is it? Just what affects those over 65 versus that which affects everyone else? That seems to me to be a rather "me" oriented view!

Word Tosser said...

I don't understand.... they are going to fine those who do not buy insurance.... and then if they don't pay the fines (if they can't afford insurance how are they going to pay the fines?) so then are they going to put those people into jail? And if so... after all there could be millions that can't afford it, where are they going to get the jails to put them in? And what happens to the children.. do they go to jail with their parents? And where are they going to jail them? Oh, I get it... those empty prisons in Montana and Oregon, that is where.. But seriously, if one doesn't pay the fine... what happens? Are police going to come to the house and take the families out of it? And who pays the house payment, or do those go into foreclosure too? This seems like a domino effect.

Anonymous said...

I also find the "me" oriented view disheartening. It is right up there with NIMBY and reflects the lack of concern for others that has overtaken society. To some extent, we should be our brothers keepers.