Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bought And Paid For!

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the House, not a creature was stirring 'cause the Senate was the louse!
Well, one more giant step in the wrong direction for mankind. Heath care, monstrosity that it is, is probably going to pass.

You know what really angers me? The idea that so many, in this case Senators, can be bought! If they really agreed with all that's included in the bill, then all right, vote for it. But tweaking this for that, which probably won't hold in the long run anyway, just grinds me. How much did Nelson squeeze out of Reid behind that closed door? And Lieberman? We know Mary set the bar at $300,000,000. A lot of these bribes were about cutting the state's contributions to medicaid. Why should one state be exempted and another not? For a vote. We should be outraged.

Actually I think most of us are but those we sent to Washington aren't hearing us. It strikes me as strange because even with Nelson, over 60% of his constituents do not want this bill. Somehow he feels his contribution of more pork will win him re-election over and above the health care bill?


There is one more holdout I've heard nothing about. Roland Burris. Remember him? The Senator, who under the strangest of circumstances, took Obama's seat? No one seems to be talking about him and unless Snow or some other Republican is lurking out there as the 60th vote, it should be Burris.

He vowed not to vote for a bill that does not have the public option. Well?? Wouldn't it be something if he was the one to rise from the ashes of obscurity to cast the defeating vote. Could it happen? I'd love it. It would be monumental and he already has one to himself that would be quite fitting.

Look what it would save the government. It, too, is bought and paid for!


Anonymous said...

"Gov't by the people and for the people"....not anymore it seems. Now it is gov't for the gov't. It would be rather hard for the (less than) esteemed senators to understand this farce of a bill. They haven't read it. Collecting graft doesn't require understanding the legislation.

Word Tosser said...

more and more Congress is becoming a cesspool... there isn't the people of the USA.. it is what can one Congress person do for the other... we seem to be an after thought. Some of this is our own fault as we vote these people back in... but with the likes of Idaho, being held hostage (and some other states) while the bigger ones play their games. Cesspool in deed.

Margie's Musings said...

A health care reform bill of some kind is better then no heath care reform at all. It can be tweaked later. That's what they did with Medicare.

Thank you, Mari, for the lovely Christmas card.

Linda said...

When I finish the book I'm currently reading, the next book on my list is "The Most Exclusive Club: A History of the Modern United States Senate" by Lewis L. Gould.

I strongly believe it is time to make some drastic changes in the Senate. I think I could be convinced to do away with it.

And how much difference will it make that I read this book? Zero. How much difference will it make that I think changes should be made to the Senate? Zero.

I am glad, however, that the health care bill passed.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I don't know your age so pardon if the question doesn't apply. Do you have children or grandchildren? This appalling health fiasco will impact negatively for generations to come. This isn't reform, it is nuclear financial and health destruction.

Linda said...

Anonymous, you can find out my age by going to my blog. I cannot find yours because you remain anonymous. Please do not respond to anymore of my comments while hiding as anonymous. I was responding to Mari's blog, not to you. Identify yourself like the rest of us if you want your comments to be taken seriously.

Dogwalk said...


I've allowed anonymous comments as long as they've been on topic and civil.

I do not know anonymous is either, but I have my suspicions. If correct we've had this issue before. I would prefer comments be directed at the post.

Directing them at another commenter can be perceived as an affront and I don't want to lose my readers because of my readers. I can lose them all by myself easily enough.

Thank you.