Monday, December 14, 2009

Coffee, Tea And Me

What a week! Instead of blogging I've been running errands with Hub and decorating. We decided to do more this year. Ha!

I did take time, however, to attend a coffee hosted by the Kootenai County Democratic Chair. Not being a Democrat I'm not sure why I was invited other than being on a lot of local Facebook friends lists and having been a strong supporter of Obama during the campaign. Plus we're acquainted through the local blogging crowd. The reason for the gathering was to hear an explanation of the challenge of the recent city council and mayoral election by one of the challengers. I was interested to hear if what I understood from the papers was on track.

The other reason was because our Congressman, my favorite Blue Dog, was due to stop by and say a few words. I really wanted to get a feel for the man in person. So I went.

I was pleasantly surprised to find another non-Democrat present. She, as am I, is a strong supporter of the candidate who's razor thin win sparked the lawsuit. I found it funny that we stood reflecting on her being a part of the Palin book signing experience just two days before as we waited for our Democrat.

A very nice lady joined our conversation and somehow the fact that two of us were not Democrats came up. "Isn't this wonderful," the lady exclaimed. "Here we are, a Republican, an Independent and a Democrat having a nice conversation with no animosity."

Of course it was. If it hadn't been a political gathering we'd have had the same pleasant conversation.

Our Democrat was there and ready to speak. He told us of the regulatory legislation that just passed and how proud he was to have had a hand in writing it. My feeling is that some parts are good, others not so. That will be with any legislation written by a Democratic Congress - or a Republican one.

He spoke a bit about health care reform and cap and trade and his thoughts on time frames. He told us he was not yet sure how he was going to vote on health care. I was delighted. No foregone conclusion. That's why I like him.

I got to say a quick hello after my friend had her picture taken with him. I told him I was one of those "dreaded" Independents but that I support him. He laughed a good laugh and thanked me.

I don't attend many of these events because I tend to stay away from local politics. I like too many people on both sides. This gathering, however, was encouraging. My friend and I talked a bit about those who will challenge our Democrat and we both agreed they are weak opponents. As she said about Walt Minnick, she has no good reason not to vote for him. He's a good man. He thinks. He listens. What more can you ask for in a Representative?

I wish I had the photos my friend has. A picture with Sarah Palin. A picture with Walt Minnick. What an indicator it would be of my political mood! On the other hand, to be true to myself, I guess just the picture of myself would do. It's what I am. In the middle. Independent.


Anonymous said...

So what light did Rep. Minnick shed on the local election contest?

Margie's Musings said...

Sounds like a good gathering though, Mari.

Word Tosser said...

What a great time over coffee... it is so wonderful to be able to look and listen to both sides...
I like Minnick because he doesn't rubber stamp everything the Dem. want. He ask questions and doesn't go with the flow but goes with what his gut thinks all of us back here in Idaho want.

Dogwalk said...

Anon, none. He was in town for another event. He's a long time friend of Mike Kennedy however.

Margie, it was a wonderful gathering. I met new people and old friends. Perhaps all political gatherings ought to have a few open minded Republicans and Independents around! And Democrats if it fits!

Anonymous said...

So when you said, "The reason for the gathering was to hear an explanation of the challenge of the recent city council and mayoral election by one of the challengers," you meant that you went there to hear one side, Kennedy's? Or was Brannon there, too? So now you've heard Kennedy's side and the newspaper's sketchy account. Have you read the entire complaint that Brannon filed?

Dogwalk said...

It was an explanation of the lawsuit and the Idaho laws that apply. It was not Kennedy's "side". And yes, I have read the entire complaint. I am going no further.