Saturday, January 09, 2010

We Have Nothing To Fear...But The Bush Administration

My more liberal friends, at least those who are still enthralled with President Obama, have continually admonished me to be patient ever since I began hedging my support.

The Obama administration has been in place for a few days shy of a year now. They own it all. Though the "Democratic strategists" who are often foils on the talking head shows don't seem to agree. Have you ever noticed that whenever asked a direct question they always fall back to what the Bush administration did? I've got a hot flash for them. The Bushies have been out of office for a year now!

Rather than "changing" what the Bushies did wrong, it seems to me they are continuing the same practices. Mainly, governing by fear. Take health care. Mandating that everyone buy insurance or face fines or jail time. If that isn't fear, I don't know what is! Add to that the uncertainty of a plan being put together behind closed doors that the President would like to have voted on the day Congress returns. That's darned scary!

That's pretty mild, however, when compared to the national security fiasco. Why is it the American public is being made to pay for their foul ups? It isn't the American public that didn't connect the dots. It was the administration! The Islamic radicals are not boarding planes in this country; they're coming from overseas. Yet we're being put through intrusive hoops of questionable value. It isn't the American public who had a Muslim Major counseling soldiers returning from combat. Counseling them about what? Killing Muslims! It was them!

Somehow they always manage to tie it back to the Bush administration. One thing they won't be able to tie back is the decision to try these Islamic extremists in our civilian courts. What if, just what if, one of them was to be acquitted? Maybe the underwear bomber. Due to inability to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. What we we do with him?

Sorry. This wouldn't even be close to a reasonable question if the Bush administration was still in power. No way. No how. I'm not defending Bush. I am saying Obama is proving to be very much the same. That to me is something to fear.


Word Tosser said...

I read somewhere back, that it takes an adminstration 3 years to get over the previous adminstration. It was mention with the Nixon and Reagan administration. And then lately I head it on one of the talking heads shows... this time talking about getting over Clinton's Administration... So if this is true, I guess Obama would have 2 more year in their theory.
What I have feared lately is the CIA and how they have made it toothless so to speak. The fact that several were killed two weeks ago, and how naive or unskilled they were. Not that they didn't try, but their training was low.
Also the scary tactics of health care has gone back to the Bush times... now this wasn't Bush himself but the R's Congress... That is the black mail and scare tactics of people getting Medicare D. Being told if you don't jump on the wagon at the time, you will be fine 20% more the next time around. I don't blame Bush... I blame the Congress...
Obama... I don't know... but you are right on 90% of this... I just differ on a small amount...

Dogwalk said...

Ah Word Tosser, just because you don't agree with 10% of it doesn't mean I'm the one who's wrong! Lol.