Monday, January 25, 2010

Whistling Past The Graveyard

What else is the administration to do? Let's see now. Ben Bernanke's once sound renomination to head the Fed is on shaky ground. Treasury Secretary Geitner's enabling activity with AIG when he was head of the New York Fed is coming to light. Beau Biden is not going to run for Senate seat his father had held. Health care is all but dead in its present form. The Democrats are deserting the sinking ship of state in uncomfortable numbers. They've just lost a crucial Senate seat in a state so blue it's almost black!

Yet...yet. The assessment coming out of the Sunday talk shows was pure defiance. Even while the surrogates were making the rounds, they couldn't even come up with the same, or even similar, numbers when talking about jobs saved or created by the stimulus yet they charged ahead. This is fascinating to watch. To hear it said they haven't talked to us enough to make us understand was laughable. All they've done is talk!

What they didn't count on is the fact we listened. I don't think they understand the concept. You talk, we listen. That's pretty elementary. The next step apparently isn't. We don't like what we hear, we tell you!

Nothing at the moment is looking rosy. Lieberman and Snowe now want Gitmo kept open. We have 18,000 Marines now in Haiti. That's half the number needed for the surge in Afghanistan. Where is the difference going to be made up? Or are we going to let those still in Afghanistan hang out to dry?

Foreign countries and aid groups are criticizing how we're handling the relief effort. Well, let them step up to the plate! They won't fight with us so let them do the heavy lifting in Haiti.

Times are really tough because everything is interconnected. Just like with our intelligence community, the dots have to be connected yet there are huge gaps.

Nope. No one in the administration is whistling a happy tune at the moment. I just hope this verse from The King and I is an unintentional anthem!
The result of this deception
Is very strange to tell
For when I fool the people
I fear I fool myself as well!

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