Monday, February 01, 2010

Bow Wow!

Bowing. Is it a sign of respect or a sign of deference? Either way, I don't like it in our President except where it is customary in the country being visited. Like Great Britain and Japan. Even then it requires no more than a slight bow, not a deep one. Part of who we are is that we bow to no one!

Here, however, we have him bowing not only to the Saudi King but the Premier of China, the Mayor of Tampa and Nancy Pelosi. Please! If bowing to Pelosi doesn't look like deference what does?

It may be a natural habit with Obama but it's one he ought to curb. It's all about image and we know that's what he's all about!

If he's going to bow to anyone, it should be to the will of the American people.

Short post today. We're off to Olympia for a funeral. Perhaps that explains my mood.


marlu said...

President Nixon bowed to the emperor of Japan - the one that bombed Pearl's what diplomats do....

Dogwalk said...

There are protocols to be followed and a slight bow to the Japanese is in order; not a deep one. Nancy Pelosi and the mayor of Tampa are not diplomats and certainly need not be bowed to by the President.