Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Not Another Book!

I thought Jenny Sanford, soon to be former wife of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, might be different than other political wives caught up in their husbands indiscretions.

I applauded when she absented herself from his admission of sins press conference. I've always wondered why wives subject themselves to the humiliation they need not share.

Now, however, she has written a tell all book which has made her no better than the others. I've yet to read one that makes the woman look good. In most cases it makes them look weak and foolish rather than merely wronged. Why do they do it? I'm puzzled.

They must know they have to make the round of talk shows to promote the book. I saw Jenny being interviewed by Babara Walters, then she was on The View, later on Larry King. I think Jon Stewart comes tonight.

The woman I thought to be strong and a possible role model on how to deal with men such as her husband came across as a somewhat disheveled middle aged woman defending herself for staying with a man who was questionable from the start.

Had Hub told me he had trouble with the fidelity issue, as Mark told Jenny, it would have been full stop for me. Knowing the thought was in his mind would have meant his heart didn't belong to me, that he was still searching. Marriage would have been put on hold and probably would never have happened.

How do you forgive a man who wouldn't accompany you to the funeral of a family member or considered attending a Lamaze class with you a waste of time? The fact he had the Argentinian mistress should have come as no surprise. The fact he declared her, not you, his soul mate was just one more slap in the face.

She revealed more than I cared to hear in those interviews. She revealed not the strong, principled woman I had expected, instead one who has low self esteem that seems compelled to explain away her husband's boorish behavior after describing it in detail.

Why? Oh, why.


Betty said...

You are so right. As long as she suffered in silence, she was admired. But, after reading that he insisted on taking fidelity out of his wedding vows, and she put up with that, I lost all good feeling for her. She was making herself a victim, looking for pity, I guess. But, she was much more heroic keeping her head high and her mouth shut.

Word Tosser said...

She has taken herself from a woman of principal to a woman of whine...
I am so not buying that book