Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Terrorists Get The Last Laugh

Did you ever, in your wildest dreams, expect to witness the demise of the airline industry? I sure didn't but I fear it may be fast approaching.

Meanwhile back in the cave the terrorists are getting one more good laugh. The industry is going broke. We are now paying extra for everything including our luggage. Crews have been cut to the bone and their attitudes show it. Pilots are under trained and over tired. Forget the possibility of a passenger having explosives tucked in his BVDs. If all the afore-mentioned is true how can you possibly feel safe on a plane? I would not bet that maintenance shines where all else does not.

Never-the-less, we must be kept safe at all costs because another terror attempt may succeed. We are patted and probed and puffed with air. Now we are to be bared for total strangers to see. Yet that isn't enough. Security personnel are going to be roaming the concourses choosing people at random for more searches and swabs. Tell me. I've never, ever seen it. How many "terrorists" have been stopped by any of this?

So here we are. It takes longer to fly from Spokane to Seattle than to drive yet both Boeing and Air Bus are working on planes that will seat up to 800 passengers. We'll have to get to the airport a day ahead of our flight to get everyone through security and still hope all the gadgetry works!

You know what? The terrorists are still getting the last laugh. Every time we go berserk from a near miss they are busy figuring out their next tactic. They are way ahead of us.

Just today a flight from Denver to San Francisco was diverted to Salt Lake City. Who and what got through? A note. Pencil to paper. A bomb threat. Found in the galley.

The plane is being searched. Luggage is being "sniffed" on the tarmac. Passengers are being rescreened. Plans delayed. Nerves frayed. The industry in chaos once again.

Will they find who wrote the note? What price will we pay when they don't?

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Margie's Musings said...

You can see why I have given up on flying. I'll drive or not go at all. What a mess!