Thursday, February 25, 2010

Watching And Waiting...

I spent some time this morning watching the health care summit. A few things struck me. Nancy Pelosi did not look happy. I think she was bored and wanting to get back to passing the massive legislation that awaits us.

President Obama interrupted John McCain who was trying to make a valid point and scolded him by telling him the campaign was over. How would Obama know? He hasn't stopped yet himself!

The Democrats have been busy telling the Republicans how many times they used reconciliation when they were in power. This is pay back time. Now isn't this a fine way to pass legislation that they don't have to abide by but we will?

Friends, we are being governed by a group of children more interested in furthering their personal ideology than sorting out a complex issue for the good of the country. Let's face it, the Democratic leadership wants a socialist America. The people do not. It's really pretty simple. They have the power. We do not. It's really pretty simple.

The Republicans suggestion of starting over and passing issues on which they can agree, or at least compromise, is not at all unreasonable. Yet the Democrats, including and especially the President, are the ones saying no.

I see the ball being squarely in the President's court. If he doesn't go back and amend his outline to include some of what the Republicans want we'll know there was no good faith in this meeting. It indeed will be nothing more then theater.

Actually, he has to do a bit more. He has to take Pelosi and Reid to the woodshed if necessary to get them to cooperate. I doubt that he will nor that they would.

If there is no move toward the Republicans I will have lost the final wisp of respect I have for the President and his party.

It's sad, really. I'm moving more and more toward the likelihood of no longer participating in national elections. No matter who wins, once the newly elected are settled in it's right back to business as usual.

We talk of how abhorrent dictatorships are. They essentially have one in both Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. True ones exist in many African nations and of course North Korea. Well, you know, we're not so far from it here. The name? The Democratic congress for now. That, of course, is subject to change to the Republican congress in due time.

We need the old war horses of Congress, those who respect it's rules and procedures for how they were meant to work. We need them to hold those who will thwart the rules that made it one of the great institutions of the world accountable. We're not getting through from the outside; if they will perhaps they can.

One thing of which they might take note. The people will only be pushed so far. All they need do is look at Iran. They're already threatening us with fines and jail time for not buying their product. What's next? Troops in our own streets? Just what is America becoming?

Perhaps election time will let those in power know we do not consider it a game nor a toy for them to break beyond repair.


Betty said...

If the Republicans were smart, they would have come into the meeting with a seriously thought out plan of their own and passed out copies to everyone. Better yet, they would have released said plan ahead of time and put it on the internet, the way Obama has.

About the old war horses of congress, the reason they were able to get things done is that they had respect for each other. That respect is lacking in both parties these days.

Word Tosser said...

I didn't watch it... I figured it would be more of a bandy rooster type of deal.... all the postering and only about themselves, and forget the voters... and I guess that is how it came out....
I only saw about a minute..which was McCain and Obama tit for tat bit. Disgusting, turn the tv off.

Margie's Musings said...

Right! We Republicans are trying to play the same's our way or no way. Our propaganda about this bill has educated the ignorant public so they don't really know what they want. Medicare was a horrible mess too initially. But over time, they've straightened it up.