Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Up Yours!

What is the one exam people hate more than anything else? A colonoscopy, right?

President Obama has inadvertently shown exactly why we don't want a medicare type system for the country by virtue of his colonoscopy. You see, he had a virtual colonoscopy. If you're on Medicare, you can't. Dr. Mark E. Klein explained it quite well in Today's Wall Street Jounal . He explains that it takes about 15 minutes and requires no sedation. Though if polyps are found that have to be removed in a second procedure, only about 10% of people have them. It is also perfectly safe, eliminating the possibility of perforation and all that goes with that.

So why would this highly approved procedure be turned down in favor of the traditional one? Because it could "identify possible abnormalities outside the colon that might lead to further testing and additional costs". Hello? If they find something abnormal wouldn't you want to find out what it is and what to do about it? I would!

Then too, he goes on, there are the huge numbers of people who refuse to have the traditional procedure and that can lead to untimely death that's quite preventable!

I find it interesting that the President personally chose a procedure that those of us over 65 cannot have unless we're willing to pony up out of our own pockets. It wouldn't be because it's, in the long run, less expensive, more comfortable and, most importantly, safer.

How timely, as the health care war is heating up for the final battle. I fear we're not so much being governed as much as we're being ruled. There are privileges to being a part of the ruling class. Those of us who aren't part of it are close to having to live by their dictates while they enjoy the finest medical technology available.

And they wonder why we're angry.


JeanieSpokane said...

Good article, DogWalk - The colonoscopy is the one thing keeping me from a transplant. I am abnormally, unusually, petrified of colonoscopies because my next door neighbor died the next day after his. Come to find out, Spokane does NOT have a virtual colonoscopy set up anyway.

Grammyof13 said...

Another good post. Very interesting. Just sayin' you need a newspaper opinion column!!!!!