Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good For You Mr. President!

This should shock the living daylights out of those who think I can't have anything positive to say about the President. Especially since I take him to task every time he commits a breach of protocol!

Since John Adams first declared this is a "nation of laws, not men," we seem to have drifted further and further away from that premise. Especially when it comes to the to the President.

Even when President's have been assassinated, we've managed to continue on without rebellion or coup, but rather seamlessly and peacefully. That's because the law reigns supreme, not any one man.

I sometimes think the amount of security, staff and media that follow the President 24/7 is a disservice to him as a man. We complain that he is out of touch and wonder why when he's surrounded by media. They don't inform him, they stifle him. He loses the ability to be "one of us." It happens to all of them.

Today when I read Obama leaves WH without press, breaking protocol I laughed out loud. It seems our President wanted to be a Dad today. Oh yes, he still had his security detail to be sure, but I love the idea that the press was left behind.

What was so important? The soccer game of one of his daughters. Good for you, sir. I'm sure we'll survive not having seen you on the sidelines cheering as we have so often before and will, no doubt, again. If such a breach should happen again, however, I'll be the first to shout "way to go!"

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