Thursday, May 27, 2010

When The "Bingo" Bulb Burns Out

We live in a time of instant gratification. Remember when dial up was the norm for your computer? Look at it now!

So why is it we have an administration so bent on commissions to study every issue that comes along. Pair that with a President who's bulb isn't screwed in tight enough, we have problems. With mid terms behind us it will be interesting to see how many times that old bulb flickers when it comes to candidate support. The President flies to California for a big bucks fund raiser for Barbara Boxer yet let Arlen Specter go down in flames. Flicker.

He's opting out of the wreath ceremony in D.C. for one in Chicago, where he will be vacationing. We have men and women at war in two countries and one on the verge. Flicker.

Instant gratification. I had hoped for it after my acupuncture session yesterday but was told to be patient. Things would get worse for a spell. The acupuncturist sure wasn't whistling Dixie! I hurt so bad today I relegated my activity to the couch and while there listened to Obama's explanation of his response to the oil spill.

He and his team were on top of it from day one he said. They were studying what to do. As for Governor Jindal's request for sand dams to hold the oil off shore; well, the Corp of Engineers were studying it. There would be a commission set up to study ways to address such disasters should one reoccur. There would be a commission set up to study drilling and exploration leases.

Commissions for this, commissions for that. It's good to talk things through but there never seems to be timely end results. No instant gratification. That old "bingo" bulb just flickers away.

On the Arizona immigration bill. The Fed's are studying it. Meanwhile 1200 hundred troops will be sent somewhere along the border to help out. Flicker. They will have no authority to make arrests. Oops! The bulb just burned out.

Obama had best start pondering whether or not he'll seek a second term right now. By the time he studies it to the point of actually making a decision the election may well be over!


nan16 said...

Woo Hoo, love your style. I wish this could be published in the Wall Street Journal or the NY Times or at least the National Enquirer! Everything I've read so far on your blog I absolutely agree with.

I'm so sorry about the pain. My daughter has fibromyalgia and it's not fun. Lyrica doesn't work, huh?

Word Tosser said...

when I worked for the government in 1958 we had a standard joke...
First it takes a committee for each idea... it takes at least 6 weeks for them to act on it...AND then they take credit for the idea...

You do know that both Bushes were absent from the wreath ceremony in D.C. and so was a couple of times, Reagan... Clinton was there all 8 times... Bush Sr. didn't any from the reports.. Bush Jr. did a couple and one in Texas... Reagan hit a couple. At least Obama is sending Biden to DC... guess the other didn't send anyone.Or so low in rank it wasn't reported.

Hopefully the pins will work next time better.

Margie's Musings said...

I have you in my prayers, Mari. I am so sad that you are in such pain. You'd think with all that modern medicine has accomplished, they could come up with a pain cure.

I only wonder who will run for election against Obama. I certainly won't vote for just anyone. I had just high hopes for Obama and I think the job is just too overwhelming for him.