Saturday, August 07, 2010

Guest Hosts Do It Better

I did something last night that is quite unusual for me. I watched Hannity. Last week I found myself watching another show that rarely crosses my television screen ~ Greta Van Susteren. What made me stop? Guest hosts! Hannity had Liz Cheney and Greta had Dana Perino.

Both ladies did something that must have shocked their guests. They actually stopped talking after having asked a question and gave the guests time to answer. I found it so refreshing I had to listen.

I've given up listening to the MSNBC line up because of their mean spirited negativity. On Fox you have a choice ranging from pomposity to just plain stupidity. Hannity, especially, seems to get on a kick and it will last a week or better. His current kick is about some small town that allegedly used Google Earth to spy on it's citizenry to see if there were changes on their property that would warrant either an increase in taxes or a fine.

His question is whether or not Google has the right to spy and perhaps catch him in a Speedo in his back yard. Obviously he has never used Google Earth. To catch him in his Speedo would have been strictly by chance. Just to be sure I looked up our house. It even has a street view, which I understand, I could have removed if it was an issue to me. It's not.

More than that, the views are several years old. I could tell by the landscaping. The trees were much younger and the season was late fall. No one was in the yard nor on the street.

Yet evening after evening, before we'd switch to some other nonsense, there he'd be harping on Google's invasion of his privacy. This is but one example of what these talk shows, no matter the political slant, have to offer. Not much.

Hub tells me a large screen high def TV is out of the question. Why bother watching something where the picture has more clarity than the subject matter!

That's his take and I can't disagree. Mine is why the heck can't I get such a gig? I can harp on stupidity as well as any of them!


Betty said...

I do watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, but can't tolerate Chris Matthews. I think he just wants to stir things up. And, I hate, hate, hate the way he says things like "What do you think of (insert subject)? And, before his guest can begin to answer, Chris will say, "You know what I think?" He only asks the questions so he can answer them himself. What an arrogant jerk. And, I don't watch Keith Olbermann, either.

Dogwalk said...

I love it when we agree! Lol.