Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Blame Game - Everyone Owns A Share

It has been awhile since I've seen so may fingers pointing.  If it was live fire it would be mass murder.  This budget mess.

Let's be clear.  It is the fault of the Democrats. It was their responsibility last October to get a budget in place for the current fiscal year.  They had both the House and the Senate.  They could have gotten anything they wanted.  Why didn't they?  Fear?  That the American public might balk at the spending they wanted and turn them out of office?  Well, it happened anyway!

The Republicans now have the House.  The budget we're talking about needs only to last the remainder of this fiscal year - September!  Why this insane bickering over a really small amount of money and a short period of time when the disagreement may close down the government! The Tea Party won't budge and Boehner seems not  to be willing to go against them.  I was so afraid this would happen.

At the moment the conservatives are the squeaky wheel.  Where are the rest of us?  We need to be trying to talk some sense into them.  Somewhere along the line they are convinced this is what the people want.  Well, not this person!

You'll note a couple of things in what to expect in a - the military will not get paid until the shutdown is over and Congress will!  What's wrong with that picture?  Consider how many of those military families are living from pay check to paycheck with the help of food stamps to begin with!  You've got to love it.  The military doesn't get paid for doing their job and Congress does get paid for not doing theirs!

Get beyond your special interests!  Do what the people really want.  Take the cuts that have been agreed upon and pass the blasted budget!

While I'm at it, this whole process is pointing to another man to be the Republican nominee for President even though he has said he isn't interested.  Paul Ryan.  No one understands the budget process better than he does.  No one can better explain it to the people.  He has created the frame work and more for the 2012 budget and it will be at the forefront of all conversation, negotiation, name calling and argument other than war between now and October.  His is the name that will be known.  He is the one who has had the courage to put together a plan that is necessary if we want to remain solvent.

That he can take a hard stand on a difficult matter is fact. I'd think he would be as thorough on foreign policy were he to become President.  Sigh.

This is a double pronged post to be sure.  Why is it I fear both are no more than wishful thinking?

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Peggy said...

Amen, you said it so well!