Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Patting Down A 6 Year Old Is Beyond Reprehensible

We really need to get over our paranoia about terrorists and flying. According to the TSA the procedure used on a six year old in New Orleans is exactly according to procedure. Fine. Change the procedures. For all of us.

They supposedly are working on it. According to John Pistole, Administrator of the TSA, they're trying to work out procedures for the less risky - like children and the elderly. Yet they have to be careful because if they slack off the terrorists may take advantage of the situation.

Right. They're going to take a white, probably Anglo-Saxon, six year old, or any child, and plant an explosive device on him/her to fool the authorities. The same with Grannie in her wheel chair ~ or me. I definitely, by definition, am elderly.  Reading this stuff makes me feel just plain old!

I struggle with just how they are going to do this unless they kidnap and drug me. Even at that I might might be suspicious if I suddenly turned up at the airport with strange things strapped to my body. I'm not senile yet!

It interests me that this child did not want to under go the search. They even tested her for traces of explosives! It was pointed out in the report that parents spend years teaching their children what is inappropriate touching yet here it's done by law! Watch minute 1:04 on the tape.

I'd also like to know how many "terrorists", young, old and in between have been apprehended by these procedures. especially, though the very young like this girl and the infirm elderly and the handicapped who might be hiding explosives in braces or prosthetics!

I also wonder if that child had been of dark complexion and wearing traditional middle eastern clothing, being a girl, if she too would have been so searched.

I rather doubt it. It would have been called racist or profiling.

I'm tired of the lament "Well, if it's keepin' us safe." It's not.

It is, however, a fine example of the old axiom, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Oh, yes. Why are pilots exempt?


marlu said...

Dumbest thing this country has ever done. Did they apprehend the guy with the materials in his underwear? No.

Just stupid - and it is not protecting us!

Betty said...

Right on, again! Gosh! You and I are agreeing a lot lately.

Word Tosser said...

this brings to mine about 10 years ago... when Ken and I were flying out of Spokane... it was in the days where if you had a checkerboard on your ticket you were picked out of the line and searched. As we were getting closer to the door, we saw them pick out what appear to be an 80 something woman, and her grandchild or great grandchild looking about 4 and had them remove their shoes and socks and coats and sweaters and the little girl was crying and the woman was trying to undress and soothe the child. DISGUSTING!!! and we told the airflight gal that. That they should be ashamed. She said it is the rules, we can't do anything about it. I told her it was DISGUSTING way to treat our children and the elderly...