Friday, June 03, 2011

Redistribution Of Wealth Won't Work

Have you noticed every time the monthly stats come out showing the economy continuing to slide the government always says it's "unexpected"?  Is it getting tiresome?  Do you wonder,  really wonder, if they know what they're doing?  Don't blame it on Bush.  We're three and a half years into this administration and none of their ideas have worked.

What's worrisome is, according to Gallup, that the nation seems to be split nearly down the middle as to whether or not we should tax the rich .  Remember that's those who make over $250,000.  This day and age it is not an exorbitant salary - for those lucky enough to be working.  Place an undue tax burden on them and they'll quit spending.  Just like the rest of us.  That is the Democrat's plan. Tax, tax, tax.

The solicitor general even went so far as to suggest if you're balking at the mandate to buy insurance in the Obama care scheme, which is a tax, make less money!  What kind of advice is that from a government official?  It's reprehensible and totally alien to the American way of self reliance.

As time passes I'm getting more and more worried about another four years of Obama.  He doesn't listen except to his own drummer.  His people are snide and condescending.  And nothing they've put forward, be it cash for clunkers which decimated the used car market, to the bank bailout that has made the banks so gun shy they won't lend money to help clear up the housing market mess, has worked.

There is one plan out there.  It is Paul Ryan's.  Yes, it will change medicare but in truth that isn't bad.  It doesn't eliminate it, it merely becomes a voucher system.  It will not affect those currently in the system or those who will be before legislation is enacted.  At least take a look at it. Don't listen to the Democrat scare tactics.  Medicare as it is now or would be under Obama is no great shakes itself.  Just try to find a doctor who will take you and if you do what kind of time they give you.  Trust me.  It's less than adequate to say the least.

How is redistributing wealth going to help any of this?  Before the next election rolls around we need to do our homework on proposed solutions and, as I harp on often, find out the 'how'.  Ryan has done that.

The Republican field is still shaping up.  Beware the "personalities".  We have one in office now and are witnessing what inexperience can do.  We need an experienced steady hand on the tiller. A person knowledgeable about both our own problems and those we face throughout the world. Knowledgeable!  Get that?

Or am I once again witnessing the generational shift where it's so much easier to let the government do it in it's own way without challenge?

 Hub and I have worked hard for everything we have.  We've had no government hand outs.  Success was achieved through knowledge, read education, ability, perseverance and hard work.  To have that taken from us because someone else doesn't want to put forth the effort makes me angry.  And sad.  It's not the America in which I grew up nor expected in which to live.

The pendulum can swing back.  I'm seeing few signs that it will.


Margie's Musings said...

More jobs were lost under George W. Bush then Obama. Check

Dogwalk said...

And your point is?

marlu said...

January, 2009 to June, 2011 is 2 1/2 years, not three. Just sayin . . .

Margie's Musings said...

My point is..Obama inherited this terrible economy and has done a lot to try to repair it. But we didn't get into this mess in a couple of years and we won't get out of it in a couple of years either.

The actual salvation of the Great Depression was the Second World War which put everyone to work on the war effort.