Friday, October 28, 2011

Just Who Are The Racists?

I'm getting tired of other people telling me why I think the way I do.  Especially when it comes to Presidential candidates who interest me.  Especially if it's Democrats making assumptions about Republicans.

Okay, I'm an Independent but in order to be able to take part in the process I have to declare a party and when Independent is not a choice I choose Republican.  So to have a cable network analyst suggest it's because he's a black man who knows his place infuriates me.  That I feel like I'm not racist because I like the guy.

That they can make such statements astounds me.  It sounds like racism is surely percolating away just below the surface of those who think that.  Can they be serious?

I do like the man.  Would I vote for him?  Should he win the nomination you bet I would.  Would I vote for him in the primary?  I don't know enough about him to say 'yes' for sure.  I'm looking seriously at several.  But if I don't it will have nothing to do with race.

This is already the most silly of silly seasons I've been witness to. The President out there putting out executive orders faster than you can say Halloween. He ought to slow down or he'll have run out of material long before next November.  Then what will he do to buy votes?

The question always comes back to what's he been waiting for?  I won't even start on Congress.

Let's go back to our President.  You know what?  I voted for him and he is anything but a black man who knows his place.  A lot of other Republicans and Independents also voted for him or he wouldn't have won.

Perhaps it's because he was barely in office before I began my criticisms.  I'm sure it's assumed it's because I closeted my racism during his phenomenal run for the Presidency then could no longer contain it.

It couldn't possibly be because I disagree with almost everything he has, or mostly has not, done since taking office.  Now that we have one of our own my conscience is being eased.

Yep.  I like Herman Cain.  He makes me laugh.  I listen to what he has to say, agree with him on some issues and disagree on others.  Plus there's always the question of how he'll get things done if he has a hostile Congress.  That, of course, applies to all the candidates no matter their race.

Do I think Obama was ineffective when he had both houses because he was black? Or now that he has only the Senate? Not at all.  I think it's because he's in over his head and doesn't know how to lead nor govern.  He'd had no experience what-so-ever prior to being elected.

So don't try to accuse the Republican party as a whole of being patronizing in order to soothe our inner racism.  In fact I think the party couldn't be happier than to have a man of Mr. Cain's accomplishments and experience suggesting the Democratic party isn't necessarily the best one for any ethnic group.

I guess 'one nation, (with or without under God) indivisible, with liberty and justice for all' doesn't resonate any more.  Neither should the assumptions of closed minded 'analysts'.


Bay Views said...

Well said, DW

Bay Views said...

There are two kinds of racists. those that voted against Obama becauese he is black and those that voted for him because he is black.

Margie's Musings said...

What has Obama accomplished?
1. The country turned around from the Bush economy nosedive. Look up the numbers.
2. We still have GM and Chrysler, and hundreds of thousands of people are employed as a result.
3. Bin Laden dead and Al Qaeda decimated.
4. We are exiting from a trillion-dollar, unnecessary and bungled war in Iraq which cost over 100,000 lives.
5. The first significant health care reform in generations.
6. Most of Bush's Tarp program dollars were recovered.
7. New significant consumer financial protections (though delayed by Republicans in their introduction).
8. The dollar once again triumphs over the Euro, which challenged the dollar as the world's reserve currency during the Bush administration.

Quite a list for a presidency where there was no money to spend and Republicans were absolutely bent on destroying the government ("drowning it in the bathtub" to quote one).