Sunday, December 04, 2011

Don't Let The Gingrinch Steal Christmas!

There are few politicians who worry me more than President Obama.  Newt Gingrich is one of them.

With time getting short, even members of his own party  like Senator Tom Coburn, R-OK, are admitting they have little regard for his leadership abilities. Maureen Dowd is just one of many columnists who has put pen to paper about his past history. His weaknesses would seem to outnumber his strengths yet he is the reigning flavor of the day.

Let's hope our taste buds improve before the Iowa caucuses and early state primaries.  Anyone who reads knows of his messy and hypocritical personal past.  Some are saying it doesn't matter because he has fessed up.  I don't buy it.  It goes to character far more deeply than what we see on the surface, a supposedly contrite Catholic convert.

His personal baggage aside, however, this is what I see in the man.  Arrogance, a monumental ego and all that goes with it.  Condescension toward all lesser beings. It's a bad mix for leadership, even worse for compromise.

We have a lot of this already in Obama.  He's the 'visionary'.  Gingrich sees himself the same way.  Both are short on details as to how to get things done.  Obama's tack has been to hand it over to his overlords in Congress while he campaigns or vacations. My guess is that Gingrich will micromanage.  While Obama is trying to duck his inexperience, Gingrich would be more inclined to have little use for anyone elses opinion because of his experience.

Having had a good strategy for the debates doesn't necessarily mean he has a good strategy for running the country.  In this regard I see him as his own worst enemy.  He has personality to be sure.  So does Herman Cain and Rick Perry.  They are colorful and entertaining but the flaws they don't admit to are what sunk them.  Will the same happen to Newt?

What's left on the tasting menu?  Romney, like vanilla ice cream, has gotten boring from a certain sameness. There is something to be said for that, however.  Ron Paul.  He reminds me of something like chocolate walnut.  You may love the chocolate but if you don't like nuts you won't like this one.

 Rick Santorum.  Sarah Palin likes him.  That could be either a blessing or a curse.  the problem with him is no knows whether he's Baked Alaska or Pennsylvania Dutch Apple pie!

  And of course Jon Huntsman whose daughters are better know then he is.  I'm anxiously awaiting the December 12 debate between Huntsman and Gingrich.  Hopefully it will reveal more of what Huntsman is about than I know now and it will give Gingrich an opponent of substance to stand against.

If all else fails Donald Trump is waiting behind the curtain to endorse the best for the job. That everyone is making the pilgrimage to the Trump Tower should make us wonder how we've ended up with him choosing the apprentice for the job!

Maybe some good will emerge from all of this yet.  I'm losing my taste for politics.  That's the most positive thing I've said in weeks!


Margie's Musings said...

Oh Mari! How I agree with you on this one. Gingrich is no one I would endorse for president. The Republicans will have to come up with someone with not only a brain and personality but a heart too.

I'm still looking at Huntsman.

Word Tosser said...

It truly is sad... with a party that seems to be holding so many of the cards (Congress) to come up with the weakest bunch of choices. I wonder how many are looking at the America Elect as an option... which scares me of who the internet can chose for a candidate. I am not saying it is bad, just not one that makes me comfortable. Never have I seen a election year with such little promise from all of the parties.